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 Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)

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PostSubject: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:41 pm

I don't intend for this to be a review. This is simply my most memorable moments of Season 9. I want it to be a celebration of past greatness, with anticipation for what is to come. I hope you enjoy this idea of mine, and allow me to take you back in time, to Season 9...


"The loud explosion from the train in peril was odd for the lamp-lit hours the night, odd enough to awaken the pensive saddened hero from his nocturnal daze of thought. He had been thinking about "her" again, and about how empty he felt without her. With all his power, and yet he could not save her, had he lost her forever? Instinctively and without hesitation, he rushed to save the derailing train; he super-sped through the dark Metropolis streets. From a distance, he could already see the dislodged trained plummeting downward to its doom. But, to our cloaked hero, the train appeared motionless, frozen in time. By the time he arrived at the calculated spot where the train would crash down, he raised his arms, and waited in acceptance, with no regard for the thousands of tons falling towards him. Instead, his concern was for the fragile humans inside. With great ease, he decelerated the monstrous crumbling transport. A minuscule sense of fulfillment rushed through him, but it was paled in comparison by what he felt next. As he raised his head, lo and behold, "She" was there. The impervious heart of the sun fueled being, instantaneously became vulnerable, naked, and began to beat again. His heart dropped suddenly, and unlike the train he had just rescued, no one could save the Savior. "She" was back, and he felt again. Yes, he felt the pounding of his heart, a heart he had thought to be dead for three eternally long weeks."

What an amazing premiere episode, for an amazing season! It really got all our attention and interests peaked with hope and excitement. The sky’s the limit and we were ready!

We weren't told last season where Lois disappeared to, but we did get her back in the first few minutes of the premiere. At the same time she helps introduce a new character that is tailing her, Alia. What an absolutely mysterious character. Still today, there are some unanswered questions about her.

In "Savior" we were also introduced to a John Corben, who seemed to be the daily Planet’s replacement reporter for Clark Kent, who had been missing for various weeks. He also seems to be no stranger to bending the rules, for he sneaks into a secured accident scene. Also, this Corben isn't fond of "The Blur," and Corben refers to him as a "vigilante on an ego trip." Will this Corben become the Metallo from the comic books and other incarnations that we all know? Will he be the villain for season 9?

No, he is not. In "Savior" they finally put a face on a previous face- less villain: "Zod." He will be season 9's villain and what and gripping, and interesting character he turned out to be.

Thank you Kevin Fair for such impressive directing! Savior was of such high quality, I can't remember whether this was TV show or a movie! Thank you Louis Febre for giving my favorite show such a sound, that sounded like what I heard in my mind when I read my favorite comic books! Your "Blur" theme changed our lives forever! Finally, thank you Tom Welling. Thank you for making it happen! For making it come to life. For going with the flow and wearing the House of El crest in your chest! Thank you for loving us back, this was perhaps you greatest gift to us: signing on for another season or two, and giving an outfit a try! Please, know that you are loved dearly...

For now, with "Savior," our dark hero had risen...



"What was this painful pounding that he felt? With every heartbeat he sensed he was less alive, yet with every heartbeat he felt more potent. He felt pain, but it was distant, more like and acknowledgment. His mind sent the signal for all his limbs to respond, but he felt no response. It was a painfully desperate struggle; he gasped for air and was breathless. But, all these superficial emotions could not compare to what he now saw before him in the mirror. He had been altered, he was not who he remembered. Yet he did not remember much. He felt violated, he felt ruined. He had become mechanized, and it felt he had been ripped of his soul."


It was hard not to feel sorry for Superman’s future enemy. He was in pain and we could feel it, mostly due to the amazing acting we were gifted by Brian Austin Green. Also, it was in this episode that I felt
we finally saw him, ‘the Blur," and Tom Welling played the part of the dark guilt-filled hero, as if he had just had all his sins forgiven. Yet, although we got to see more of the blur, we got to see
less of Clark.

But, it also had all the Erica Durance a fan could hope for. She is as beautiful as she is talented, and like season 9 demonstrated, a real joy to watch. She does her character of Lois Lane such great justice, and she puts her heart into everything she does.

Loved the silhouette of Clark in the shadows. It was such a familiar throwback to our Superman memories. And let the triangle between Lois, Clark, and The Blur begin!

Thank you Mairzee Almas for your outstanding directional talent. What a an amazing story-teller you are!! I loved it!!
Love you Louis! Following you on Twitter and befriending you on Facebook, only made me more attentive to what I already appreciated so much. Your "Metallo" score was explosive! I loved it!

It is definitely the way to start up a season, also is it me or was Metallo more of a continuation of "Savior?" I believe they go together, so I burned them on to a DVD without commercials and without the second opening credits. When viewed this way, then presto, your first Season 9 movie was really "Savior/Metallo". I would call it something like "Smallville: Birth of the Heroes."

What do you think? Post your ideas below!

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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)   Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:36 pm

this is just awesome love how you give us a brief glimpse of their thoughts in your memoirs again i say AWESOME!!
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:19 pm

That's it, Josue! I NEED to watch Savior again after reading your lovely memoir about it!

You are so lucky to be able to record both on a dvd without commercials and watch on your tv as a 'movie'. I am destined to watch on my computer until the dvd set comes out in September, which is an awfully long time away! Luckily, a friend brought me ep 1-8 on dvd from Bali, so I can at least watch Savior and Metallo on my tv!

I love how you personalised your memoirs, and your enthusiasm and passion are so contagious, i just want to watch Smallvile NOW!

Can't wait to read your others...they must be taking you ages!

Good job! *hugs*
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:53 pm

OMG Josue, you are such an amazing writer. Not only did you give us a summary of Savior/ Metello, you gave us the readers a chance to feel what Clark & John were going through.

Can't wait to read more!
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)   

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 1 (by Josue_can)
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