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     Letters to the Blur (by DT)

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    Letters to the Blur (by DT) Empty
    PostSubject: Letters to the Blur (by DT)   Letters to the Blur (by DT) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 5:30 am

    Summary: Lois writes a letter to the Blur right after Charade.

    A/N: Inspiration for this poem came from the awesomeness of Smallville Clois itself and the beautiful love theme from Romeo and Juliet by Andrew Rieu.

    Letter1: Come back to me, my love

    Since you won't call me anymore, a simple letter I will write
    Satiated with every unflustered feeling my heart supplies
    And I will only say it once, under the cold rain and blackened sky
    Come back to me, my love, and let our destiny be our guide

    I still hear your voice involving the wind; sense your touch drawing my skin
    It doesn't matter the world around or how many goodbyes were left behind
    This ache I dust behind my back, is not any different from love's command
    Come back, my love, and be mine again, at least one more, before you part

    It presses my chest against my heart; it twirls my reason beyond regard
    My spirit is trying to speak through a wall, a wall of pain, a wall of doubt
    But I have felt this way before; I have loved like this once in the past
    Maybe I still love with this fervor, love someone, one alone, not too far

    "There must be some other part of your life that is important to you too"
    Such glaring words echo inside my head and sadden my troubled mind
    Have you ever loved someone? Have you let them know you do?
    Have you ever fall in love, truly in love, like you didn't know you could?

    Cause between equally startling affections my poor soul is tossed and torn
    One is made of gold, like the all powerful sun, pure and strong
    The other is innocent, caring and warm, like a baby on motherly arms
    How can I decide if only one is enough? When both I need? When both I adore?

    I have seen you in my thoughts… more than once, haven't I?
    I have felt your hand in mine… a dozen more, I know I have!
    Not an embrace, not even a word needed to be pronounced
    To know I'm in your presence, in the midst of your charm

    It feels like a river of passion, enough to make me soar, to make me dream
    Just like an ocean of love, enough to let me raise, enough to let me in,
    To secrets deeply hidden inside your pain, buried inside your heart
    Come back to me, my love; because I will always be yours as you will always be mine

    A/N: I was trying to capture how Lois felt after saying goodbye to The Blur and to Clark too at the end of Charade.
    I took a little of Idol too, when she is troubled thinking they are both the same person.

    Hope you liked it and forgive any mistake. ;D Next letter: after Salvation kiss!
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    Letters to the Blur (by DT) Empty
    PostSubject: Letter 2: The Kiss of Truth   Letters to the Blur (by DT) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 2:38 pm

    Summary: Lois writes a letter to the Blur/Clark right after their kiss in Salvation. Obvious spoilers for the season finale ;P

    A/N: This is the second of three letters Lois writes to The Blur. In this case she already knows The Blur and Clark are the same. It happens immediately after the famous alley kiss.

    Letter 2: The Kiss of Truth

    My world is upside down and I know precisely why
    The man I love and the one I desire… had become one
    One with himself, one with me, one with a simple kiss
    A kiss full of passion, full of longing, full of celestial bliss

    I couldn't feel happier or more scared at the same time
    How is that you are the one I've been searching for?
    How is that you are the one I already have in my life?
    How is that you and I are together but painfully apart?

    Your lips framed mine and our very spirits were united
    Never had I felt so truthful, so hunted, so undeniably alive
    I wanted it to go on forever and in my heart so it will last
    But my instinct is screaming that this was more like good bye

    No one else could wear my essence the way you did tonight
    No one else could ever bring such quick shivers down my spine
    There is no one else more perfect on this Earth for me but you
    There are no other people more in love than us, and that's the truth

    So many times I thought you were drawing away, so far
    A fading call, like a whisper in the middle of the night
    Like yourself, or the other, not knowing the reason behind
    Rather you were growing powerfully deep inside my heart

    Ordinary love suits short to what we share, to what we have
    Destiny takes our love to a new dimension, to new kind of sky
    Torture that throbs in secret chambers, within mysteries and lies
    Heaven that bursts in joy and forgiveness, when the time is right

    My inner core is yearning to see you again, once more, face to face
    I need to drink your lips, to steal your touch, to be yours once again
    Darkness is gone, gone with the secretes, only light is left to shine
    Now is time to love only you and I want only you to love me back.

    A/N: I hope you liked this second letter. The last letter will take place "after the fall" when Lois is looking for Clark but can't find him anywhere.
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    Letters to the Blur (by DT)
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