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 Who's chest is Best (by Firebunny)

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Who's chest is Best (by Firebunny) Empty
PostSubject: Who's chest is Best (by Firebunny)   Who's chest is Best (by Firebunny) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 9:46 am

Who’'s Chest is the Best?

Who’'s chest is the best?
Who’'s chiseled abs to we request?
Is it Kal with his sexy scar?
Or is it Kal-El who came from afar?
If I said Bizarro would that be a shock?
He ripped off his shirt and made love to a rock.
Look at Lionel! Clark when you'’re down in a funk.
He did just that then he checked out his junk.
But I’m not choosey; I'’ll take them all on a lark.
They’'re beautiful men and they all are Clark.
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Who's chest is Best (by Firebunny)
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