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 Dancing in the Wind (by Josue)

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Dancing in the Wind (by Josue) Empty
PostSubject: Dancing in the Wind (by Josue)   Dancing in the Wind (by Josue) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 9:47 am

Dancing in the Wind
From Lois, to Clark

Even before we had ever met,
I knew you in my dreams.
I would always see you there,
Dancing in the wind
With your angelic glorious splendor,
Flaunting your beauty in the sky.
But you are so high,
And I cannot reach you.
Oh, how I wish I could.
I would envelope my arms around you,
And never let you go.
We would float over the busy world below,
Forgetting we are earthbound,
And remain trapped in this confinement
Of love forever.
Yes, you have rescued me, my love,
For I was lost.
You have swept my soul off its feet,
And I feel on top of the world.
What a feeling it is to fly in your arms!
And when we kiss, it is the closest I have felt to heaven.
I feel so fortunate to know you,
And I don'’t want to awake from this feeling
you feel so real, I pray I'm not dreaming
Because now I court in the skies
With my savior angel
Yes, the Angel that I see in my dreams
Dancing in the wind
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Dancing in the Wind (by Josue)
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