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 Smallville (by Dee)

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PostSubject: Smallville (by Dee)   Smallville (by Dee) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 9:48 am


Smallville she calls him, but there is nothing 'small' about him.
He is Clark Kent, soon to be Superman
I have followed this great show, for nine years,
And I can't think of anything better than Clarkville

He makes me want to be a better person
That we can all be our own hero
Its not the powers that make him Super
Its the greatness within him

Sure, Loisville makes me happy and giddy,
I admire her strength and loyalty.
But the truth is, Clark Kent is Smallville
One more year and his journey will be complete

The greatest Superhero of our time
Clark Kent is Superman, no doubt about it
I have never been so excited over a TV show
Season 10 will be celebrated by many
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Smallville (by Dee)
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