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 Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 5:58 pm

My Smallville Season 9 Memoirs Part 3


"As Chloe Sullivan typed her fingers away on her keyboard, she had a
peculiar feeling rush through her. Perhaps she was in denial about
it. Or perhaps she was trying to be un-selfish like Clark, but,
thinking Oliver almost died really hurt, inside. She was working so
close to him lately. She felt they were such a great team, and they
were making such great progress. She wanted this to last forever. But,
watching the way he stepped off that pressure sensitive bomb-platform,
with such great ease, really was shocking. He wasn't being a hero
then, it really looked like he wanted the bomb to explode!
She clicked away with greater motivation. If done right, this idea she
was hatching would help Oliver out of his rock-bottom state. She will
not sit around and let him completely vanish into darkness. She had
already lost someone she cared about and wasn't going to lose another,It hurt to much...

She felt really confident after speaking with Roulette and explaining what she wanted. Roulette responded to all her requests as if they were a walk-in-the-park. She
had found the right person to get the job done. And if this plan
Roulette and her were preparing goes of without a hitch, Oliver will
be a new man, reborn. And then they can back to saving the world,
together, and she liked the sound of that!"


Is playing this type of "game" the only way to exorcise Oliver's dark inner-demons? It appears that way. After the events of "Roulette," we got our Oliver back, and what a great comeback. I loved how guilt Ollie has been feeling about killing Lex, and wonder how he will feel when he learns he didn't.
Also, it is possible that Chloe is even better at keeping secrets than Clark, and she might be better at making elaborate plans than Lex. Isn't it amazing that Lex is still such a huge part of the show and he is not even in it?
Also, was Lois actually considering giving her feelings for Oliver another shot? Yes, this episode wasn't my favorite of the season, it actually kept me in suspense so I will give it that. I missed Tom in this episode, he was hardly there. But loved the moments that he was.
Loved Lois and her concern for he ex-boyfriend. Loved Chloe's commitment to Oliver which leads me to believe this might have actually been the first Chlollie episode of the season, and not "Warrior" like some feel. What she did, she did for him, so it is the start of Chlollie! I am also surprised to read how many people have welcomed Chlollie with opened arms.
Loved Oliver, it was his episode. He played all the parts well. Starting from the victim and finishing the hero!
Steph Song (Roulette) you were spectacular. I hope to see you soon!
Thanks for you directing expertise Kevin G. Fair!
I loved the ending scene in the roof top of the building where Clark and Green Arrow have their heroic conversation. It was a great ending, good enough for an episode, but even good enough for a movie.



"Chloe's pep talk had really got to him. He had decided to fight for
what he wanted. Was that wrong? He was truly sure of how he felt about her,
so why was this so difficult? Running into a speeding bullet or a
collapsing train seemed less of a challenge than confronting Lois.
This situation had really had stressed him out. It felt heavier than 10
derailed trains, and it was weighing upon him heavily.

Seeing her in Oliver's hands had really affected him. Was it jealousy?
Why did he feel so helpless?

As he entered the Daily Planet he felt her presence. He always did,
this was one of the reasons he knew she was the one. He imagined her
typing on her keyboard, or talking on the phone. He imagined how it
would all play out in his mind. He would walk in and ask her to talk,
she would shush him and tell him to wait. He would stand there for 10
minutes before she would give him her attention. "No, this is
important, and it can't wait!" he thought to himself, unsure if he had
just said that out load. "I'm going to walk in there and I'm going to
demand her attention." he said out load this time, since he realized he was alone in the

He was pumped for this! He would tell her how he felt today. He
turned the corner, ready for the image he had visualized to materialize
itself, but it wasn't like that at all! When he set his eyes on her it
was like his first breath all day. It was like he had not been alive
for hours. She stood there looking like an angel, deep in thought, and
standing up with her outstanding posture and breathtaking beauty that
felt like a gift to his eyes. "Lois," he approached her. She then
absent-mindedley began talking about the how they has lost their opportunity of the talk show job they had been promised. "Lois!" he repeated more firmly. But again she continued
talking about this troubling issue.

He realized that he wasn't going to be able to tell her anything.
Everything he thought on the way there could have never prepared him
for this reality. All he wanted to do was talk to her, and tell her
how he felt. Why did she make it so difficult? Couldn't she tell what
was going on? How will he ever be able to...

He then realized that there is something that he wanted to do more than to
"talk" to her. Something he wanted to do for a long time. And perhaps
maybe, it will help him get his point across. He leaned forward and
assertively pressed his lips on to hers. He took the blind route and
had no idea how she would react. But, she unwound in his arms, she
relaxed after a moment of surprise ad responded as only he could have
dreamed! She kissed back! She wrapped her hand around his head and
caressed his hair.

It was better than anything he had imagined. He wanted to kiss her
lips again for a long time. And now, he remember why they where so
memorable and addictive. Was this how it felt to fly?" Yes, it was their first kiss.


This was an amazing episode! I have so much positive feedback for this
episode I don't even know where to begin!

It was a rich episode, with various plots going on at the same time.
Let's see, there's Lois and Clark and the morning show"dates." There's Chloe and Stuart Cambell the firewall guy, and finally, Oliver and Mia, AKA Speedy story. Wow!
This was perhaps one of the best performances of Tom Welling in the entire season. He was completely believable and convincing throughout. He was Heroic and vulnerable too! How can he switch gears so well? The man is very talented!
Loved so many scenes in this episode, so it was hard to pick the one for the introduction. Loved the Lois and Clark audition for the show, Mia's fight scene, Oliver's interactions with Lois, the bullet catch scene changed my life and the first kiss.
Lois, you are an angel, and Erica you are some kind of a goddess. I love you to death. You don't have a wrong line or a bad angle. Love you!
Can Elise Gatien be more beautiful? No! She is a doll. I loved her every instant as Mia and look forward to he return in the future.
Oliver, the other leading man, proved in this episode and the last that he deserves a spin-off immediately!! You are now indispensable in Smallville!
Zod, Callum Blue, you evil bastard, I love you!
Tess, do you realize the monumental proportion of your talent? You are as impressive as you beautiful. I am so glad you are still around. That dress you wore, it is equal to whatever the fairies wear on there most special day.
Thank you Mike Rohl, Holly Henderson and Don Whitehead for putting this episode together. It is my favorite of the season. This should be the pilot pitch for the "Metropolis" TV show that the fans have been crying for. Please, make it happen!

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Ollie's my man!   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 6:27 pm

Ok Josh, you're at it again. Another great article about your favorite show. I love Oliver so was definitely into Roulette. Ollie and Clark make a great leading man duo, in my opinion.

The show is deeper than it would first appear, and I like the way you evaluate the characters' relationships.

Looking forward to more articles.
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 12:36 am

I rewatched Roulette the other day, prepared to FF the Ollie bits to get to Clark, but I didn't FF anything, I was mesmerised! Roulette may not have been one of my fave eps, but it was still a strong one.

Yes, I think subconciously, Chloe was discovering her feelings for Ollie, and what more of a way to reinforce that, than by creating an elaborate 'game' to save him from himself. IMO there was no other way Ollie would have listened to anyone and this method was the only way to hit home the danger he was in to himself. Ollie did not heed the words from Clark, the uber superhero, so tough love was the only way to snap him out of it. It was very insightful and caring of Chloe to think of the only way to get Ollie to 'listen' to his inner superhero.I think she was acting as Watchtower in her scheme to help Ollie and the events in Warrior fully awoke her 'presonal' feelings, as different to her 'Watchtower' feelings. sunny

I LOVED Crossfire, it had everything, humour love, super saves, action and the most sizzling kiss I have EVER seen Clark perform!

I LOVED reliving these eps through your memoirs, Josue! Thank you for posting them!

cheers hugs
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 2:16 pm

Great job on reviewing Roulette and Crossfire, Josue. I agree Roulette was one of my least favorite episodes in Season 9 and the only thing that I was happy about the episode was that it was finally the end of "Oliver feeling sorry for himself" storyline and hope there's no more of that in Season 10.

"Crossfire" was a wonderful episode and agree with most of what you said except for Mia (Elise Gatien). Must say that I did like her in "Disciple" episode but don't know if it was the character or the actress but I just didn't like it. Other than that, I agree Welling had a strong performance and Erica was incredible as usual. Very Happy
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 10:58 pm

what a great review of both!! I completely agree with you in terms of Crossfire. But Roulette really was my least favorite of the season. As much as i love Oliver I don't watch Smallville for his story but for Clark's and I found this to be the beginning of Chloe's overtly manipulative behavior. I guess it was the moment when chemistry was scene with Chlollie I'll def agree with that and its probably what led them to the Warrior scend (a very sexy one at that) but honestly I didn't really start enjoying them until the last to episodes of the season and that had nothing to do with Oliver and everything to do with Chloe. Again great review your a gifted writer.
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can) Icon_minitime

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 3 (by Josue_can)
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