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 Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 10:10 am

Smallville: Loved and Lost

Chapter 3


In the Fortress of Solitude there was silence. The black metallic ooze slithered from one crystal to the next, avoiding at all costs, to not be detected by the advanced alien sensors of the Fortress. It was repairing itself and had been able to reconstruct part of its memory, but still, a great deal was missing. All "it" could remember was 'it" had been impersonating a professor called Milton Fine, "it" had fought Kal-El/Clark, and "it" had made all the arrangements for the coming of Doomsday. The rest of its memory was glitchy, but if this current plan it had devised should succeed, it should be in completely operational order within the next few hours.

The artificial intelligence of the Fortress of Solitude had an advanced self defense protocol programmed into it. It had twice today detected a strange anomaly of movement in the rear quadrant. It was now scanning and rescanning the area, trying to locate the source of the movement. When the sensors array finally caught up with the cause of the movement, it set off many passive alarms within. The Fortress recognized the black metallic ooze as a remaining nanite-infested section of Brainiac. It had already created a counter measure for this particular villain’s return, and without hesitation, the countermeasure was activated.

A beam of light flashed upon the lifeless metallic object on the floor of the Fortress. It first dematerialized, then it re-materialized back, but within the confines of a large, rectangular, glass-like cell. The Fortress had successfully sent the remains of Brainiac, to the Phantom Zone...


The metallic ooze landed on the deserted landscape of the Phantom Zone. It began to swirl and bury itself in the sand. Once deep enough, it started its journey as it traveled beneath the sand with great ease
and kept itself undetected from above. Periodically, it would stop and check for bearings. Finally, at its desired location, it let out a faint signal.

A few meters away, the ground began to shake and open up as a large metallic box began to work its way out of the ground. When it had finished ascending, it began shifting and re-arranging in different sections and compartments. From one of the open hatches, large amounts of black metallic ooze, exactly like Brainiac's, poured out into the sand and made its way below. When it had finished pouring, the metallic box began re-arranging itself once again. The sand below began to heat up. It started changing colors and crystallizing in some areas. The glass started to glow and shine. Then there was silence, followed by the sound of glass cracking. When the glass completely shattered, the metal started oozing, and it bubbled out and began forming a tall figure.

The silhouette was like a man, and as he stood on two feet, it was still of metallic color. But within moments, it finished the shape-shifting process, and revealed a naked human. Brainiac had taken the form of Milton Fine once again!

He stood next to the metallic box and pushed his fingers to a section of it as if were a button, and another section of the box rotated and revealed a console. After programming some instructions into it, he liquified himself entirely into one of the hatches of the metallic box which closed itself behind him. Then, the box became extremely active as it glowed, shook and hissed. It then began to stretch as if it were liquid metal, a spotlight shone from the top of it which lit up the sky above it. Then, as if using the light as a track, the liquid metal box began to flux into lighting, except the lighting traveled up toward the light and disappeared passed the dark clouds of the Phantom Zone until it was completely gone, zapped to the sky above.


Back on Earth, the clouds opened up, parted, and the liquid metal ooze rained down and landed near a particular location near the town of Smallville. He exited the metallic box, and once again changed to the form of a man. Then the box buried itself underground.

He spent the next few hours going around town catching up with all the news and attempting to spot Clark Kent. He went on-line at one of those small Cyber-cafe's in an attempt to learn what had happened during his absence. Where was Doomsday? Was Clark dead? Did Doomsday finish the task it was sent to do? But on the web he learned about "The Blur," and all the amazing rescues and heroics. He realized something else had happened. He wondered, “Where was Doomsday?” This time he plugged himself into the world-wide-web remotely and did a more in-depth search. This included all traffic cams and ATM cameras, and he was able to backtrack until all his questions were answered.

After acquiring the data he was looking for he rushed to Metropolis where was able to witness first hand "The Blur" in action at a bank robbery, in the middle of the day.

Brainiac followed all the loud commotion to the First Bank of Metropolis, where three men in ski masks were holding up the bank at gun-point. Immediately Brainiac knew this crime-in-progress would
probably summon the hero of the people, "The Blur." He decided to change his appearance to one of an elderly man and placed himself in the middle of the ongoing robbery. On the floor, lying down on his hands and knees, he waited. He knew any milli-second "he" would show up.

Strangely, "The Blur was not making his entrance. Finally, he decided that to get "The Blur" to pay him a visit, he would need to get involved. He shape-shifted into one of the robbers. Machine gun in hand, he began to fire at the ceiling, then he waited. Still, no Blur.

Finally he looked at the three, frightened bank tellers trapped behind their booths. He couldn't help but notice their name plates, Patti, Karen, and Jess. He pointed his machine gun at them and began to fire! As the bullets exited the barrel of the weapon, directly headed for the tellers, time slowed down.

Brainiac felt a presence. He realized he was finally not alone. A shadow ran past him and sped towards the tellers. The first few bullets were almost upon Patti, the first teller on the right, and "The Blur" reached inches from her face and blocked the speeding bullets. He turned and had the remaining bullets bounce of his chest before they could catch up with the other two. Right as he blocked those bullets he simultaneously focused his heat vision at the weapon and fired it, which caused it to explode and knock the man to the ground. "The Blur" sped away in a flash! When time sped up again, everyone was shocked, wondering what had just happened. Then, someone shouted in the background; "It must have been the Blur!"

Brainiac waited until enough time had passed and shot away unnoticed. He followed "The Blur" from a
distance. Brainiac watched "Blur" spy on a woman from far away. He seemed to be calling this woman without her knowing he could see her. Brainiac focused his super hearing;

"Hello, Lois," said Clark's voice-altering device.

"Hi, I just heard the news" she responded cheerfully.

"It was a dangerous situation. I am glad I got there on time."

At that moment, Brainiac knew this was his secret liaison, his public-relations human woman. This was extremely important to his plan.

He continued following "the Blur" from a safe distance and saw him change into his different human clothes. He watched him go to his place of work, where he chatted and flirted with the same human woman, who sat in front of him. At the end of the work day, they walked out together and went to eat.

Brainiac continued learning with amusement. "She did not know his secret," he thought. "He was approaching the female as two different aliases."

It was obvious that the female was important to him. She was his, perhaps his mate, and this was valuable information. He would need to learn her name soon.

After dinner, the couple returned back to Smallville and spent a lot of time in the barn area. He heard them talking, and laughing. Then after various pauses, the couple began to kiss and caress. She sat on his lap and ran her hands over his back, and head. She began to remove his shirt...

Brainiac knew this would take time. He continued watching the two in the barn from afar, then certain images started to surface to his memory. They were images of him battling Clark and another person right there in that barn. Yet it was not clear to him who this other person was. But, he remembered being victorious. Yet, he worried this missing data could really change the outcome of his plan.

His programming and artificial intelligence worked in harmony, creating this new plan, one that would align itself to the previous mission. He calculated the risk factor of the missing data in his neuro-network. Would it endanger his plan not having all his memories from his previous encounters with Kal-El? He tried to compensate by making a plan from scratch, but there was still a 47.8% chance of failure with each calculation. This was unacceptable. Finally he proceeded to calculate a different strategy - one that would involve his loved one. This one seemed to excite the emotionless machine. His calculations returned a 99% chance of success this time. After he factored every possibility, and covered all his angles, he was finally ready. And when he watched the female leave the barn, he rose to his feet and his plan began to unfold.

After the woman drove her vehicle away, Brainiac went into the house. He shape-shifted himself into Shelby, Clark's dog, who Brainiac had seen roaming around freely. As Shelby, he was able to pace into the house unnoticed. He went into Clark's room while he was in the bathroom, and grabbed his phone from the top of the bedroom table. Brainiac-Shelby pranced out of the house and then super-sped to a safe distance, where he returned to his human form and called the woman he had just learned was called Lois.

He altered his voice to sound like "The Blur," and tried to sound as desperate and pathetic as he felt Kal-El was. She believed his scam and agreed to help.

"Lois, I need your help tonight," he begged.

"Anything. How can I help?" she answered, without hesitation.

"I think I have found Lex Luthor's hideout. This will be probably be the biggest story of your career, so I want you to be there when it breaks! But, it's all going down tonight! Can I depend on you? I have made flight arrangements for you."

She accepted instantly...

His plan was half complete. In the form of Shelby once again, he returned the phone to Clark's night table, then left. With Lois on her way to the airport and Clark asleep without a clue, he began his
journey north, where he intended to finish all that was left of Jor- El, and destroy the Fortress of Solitude!

Chapter 4 (preview)


Clark sobbed. He finished scanning the wreckage area for survivors to no avail. He stood in place for a while with eyes closed. His super- hearing failed to pick up anything as well. He continued to listen while he thought what to do next. He felt his heart had burst with the explosion. Perhaps there was an answer. He sped away and continued traveling north. There was only one person that could help him now.

As he super-sped over the mountains and frozen tundras, he saw a tall cloud of fire in the far distance. His eyes widened. He pushed on faster until he arrived at the source - the Fortress. And it was destroyed!

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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 10:59 am


Another amazing chapter!


Very Happy Loved being one of the bank tellers saved by Clark...I mean, the 'Blur's chest Razz

Loving the suspense with that cheeky, evil Brainiac...he really has thought this through, hasn't he?

Awaiting Ch 4 eagerly! sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 11:15 pm

Woohoo Josue! You brought me on a roller coaster of emotions. Suspense, awe, thrill, despair, heart break.. And
I'm loving every minute of it!
Suspense, when you got FoS to send the black ooze to the phantom zone, awe when the black ooze materialized
& merged into brainiac, thrill when we 'watched' the blur in action saving Karen, Jess, & Patti! LOL!!
I LOOOVE the cameos!! Then my heart broke when Clark mourned the loss of Lois, and despair when the FoS was
That said, I just can't wait to see where you'll take me next Josue! Wonderful job!! Woohoo!! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 12:09 am

OMG! Josue, I just read all 3 chapters and I LOVED it!! How honored I feel being a part of Chapter 3. You did a fantastic job & I can't wait for Chapter 4.
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 12:07 am

OMG your trying to torture us with this loving it!!! and thanx for the shout out xooxo
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PostSubject: Wow, this was great!   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 7:34 pm

I'm behind in reading this, but I'm glad because now I can go and read chapter 4 right away!
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3 Icon_minitime

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Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 3
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