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 Interview with Josue

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PostSubject: Interview with Josue   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 8:42 am

The time we’ve all been waiting for is here: Josue’s interview. And the best way to introduce him is to read what his long time friend thinks about him...

Very Happy

“Josue is a passionate Smallville fan, who has loved Smallville unfailingly since the beginning! He gets passionate about major events that happen in Smallville and is so emotionally invested in the characters, Clark being his main love. He will defend Smallville to the end even if it means stepping on some toes to do it! I love talking Smallville with him; he is so enthusiastic and appreciative of all that happens! PLUS he LOVES talking about Smallville on twitter! Like we all do!”
Karen (@AppleEl)

Very Happy

Here it is, I am so sorry that it’s so long, I got carried away. Thank you for this opportunity and for all the love! You guys are all the best!

What made you such a strong Superman fan?

Let me tell you a story. When I was five years old, my parents and I were exiled from our country and sent to the America. When I arrived at my grandfather’s house, he had already been living in the U.S. for many years. Everything seemed so different. Things smelled, tasted, looked, and felt differently from what I was accustomed to. In an attempt to make me feel more at home and not so scared, they gave me a whole box of toys. This was very thoughtful of them, and I am still very grateful to this day. One particular toy in that box really caught my attention; it was a man with a blue suit and a red cape. I had never seen him before and had no idea who he was. He also had some cool red boots and a logo on his chest which I had no clue as to what it could mean. Anyway, this became my favorite toy, and although I did not know who he was or his name, I knew one thing - this character was built to soar through the air.

I remember playing with him as if he was flying and watching his cape flap in the wind. Please keep in mind that I didn’t know this toy's name or who he represented. Some months later, I was at the house of a friend of my mother's. She and my mom left me in the living room watching TV while they tried some new clothes on in the bedroom. They were lucky enough to have cable, and something was playing on TV that caught my attention. There was a man with glasses who appeared to be bothered by a high pitched sound that only he could hear. I didn’t know English at that time, so I really couldn't’t understand what the voice speaking over the high-pitch sound was saying. But I watched as this man looked around for an open window, found one, sat on the ledge, and jumped!

I was five years old. That was crazy to me, but what I saw next was a defining moment in my life. The man's ordinary clothes disappeared and were replaced by something familiar. Yes, they were replaced by the only thing that was familiar to me in America. I recognized the costume of my toy immediately, and as I watched him defy gravity and begin to soar, it all became clear; this was a movie about my toy, and he could fly! I was at the edge of my seat, and I watched as this amazing character smoothly landed on the sidewalk in the middle of a busy city street. The crowds that watched him land were very excited to see him, (just like I was too), and when they begin to approach him, he waved kindly to them to step back. He then started to spin so fast that he drilled himself down, goin all the way underground. Nothing but the hole he had burrowed through was left.

It was at this time that my mom and her friend walked back and asked me what I was watching? I pointed at the screen in awe. My mom’s friend then spoke those words I’ll never forget: "Oh, he is watching 'Superman!'" Yes, I now had a name to my best friend and toy, "Superman." When you are five years old, and you are abruptly introduced to a person that can do all of the things you have always dreamed of doing, it becomes a life-changing experience. He can fly. And you must admit, for a 70’s movie, the flying special effects were actually pretty amazing. Chris Reeves made it look even better. So, yes, I will admit that flight is my favorite Superman power or ability. I remember begging my mom to buy me the Superman underoos and the plastic Superman costume other kids only used for Halloween. I would wear it all the time. Superman was my hero.

On "Smallville," I have patiently waited for the day when Clark hits the skies or wears his defining classic suit. And, at times, I feel he should have been flying for a while now, but I can, and I will, continue to wait. Nevertheless, the "Smallville" Clark has created his own defining image - one that for almost a decade has also been carved into my mind. And although he does not fly yet or wear the costume, he is Superman to me, and I know he is to millions more too. But, please know this: On the day Clark flies on "Smallville," yes, Clark, not Kal-El or anyone else, it will be my "Smallville" dream moment come true.

What do you admire the most of Clark Kent in "Smallville?"

I love Tom Welling’s Clark Kent. Yes, he is shy. And, yes, he has veered away for years from facing his true calling and destiny. But what I admire the most about "Smallville’s" Clark Kent is when trouble arises, he faces it head on. In his hero-like way, and standing tall, his voice and facial expressions change, and he stands for justice. He is resolved to doing what is right, and what or who can stand in his way? He puts himself in harm’s way to help others. And he is not afraid of the unknown.

Let me give you an example. In the Season Four finale episode, "Commencement," there is a scene where Clark is graduating from high school. Then the town's emergency alarms sound. Yes, it was the coming of the second meteor shower. Now, keep in mind what happened with the first meteor shower: it was full of Kryptonite! It had an alien or two riding in it, and many, many people died. So, you would think that having knowledge of this would have dissuaded Clark. Perhaps he could have super-sped out of town and saved himself. Nope, this is unthinkable for him. He removed his cap and gown in the most fearless and decisive way, and, I swear, he seemed to grow an extra three feet and went on to save many lives and be the super-hero that we all know will someday become Superman. Oh, and by the way, who runs into a twister to save the girl he loves? Clark Kent!

Another example: In the episode, "Jinx," Clark demonstrated his love for his great friend, Chloe, by saving her from the knife-wielding hands of her captor while in the middle of a football game! It was a football game he was playing in, and, oh, did I mention he was the star quarterback, and all eyes were on him? Yes, with his faster-than-a-speeding-bullet super speed, he left the field, knocked the bad guy out, un-cuffed Chloe, and returned back to the game in a matter of one second!

Yes, I could continue to list the reasons why I admire and love Clark, but it would be endless. He is brave, trustworthy and a good friend.

[color]When was the first time you saw "Smallville?"

I'll never forget it. It was October 16, 2001 -the "Smallville" Pilot.

It had been a while since "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" had ended, and I was watching the reruns of it on the USA network, if I'm not mistaken, because it was not available on DVD yet. I loved that show, and they did visit Smallville (the town) many times. I also loved that Jonathan Kent doesn't die in this Superman version.

But, anyway, about "Smallville"... I was about 26 years old, I had gone through a serious break-up with a girl. I truly loved her, but she broke my heart. I was also at fault, but I took it pretty hard. Also at that time, I was unfairly fired from my job. I had no money, and the bank wanted to repossess my car. I was in the gutter, I was so depressed. I needed to get my life back in order. So, I made a plan that would help me to save my money and pay-off my debts little by little. My plan involved staying home more on the weekends. I was going to stay away from parties and places where I could bump into "her." So, I was planning on going to work (if I got a new job) and come home. Work, home, that was to be it. I have always been a movie guy, I own more than 500 movies, and I knew I could rely on those to hold me for a few months while things calmed down. But I remember thinking, what if there was something different, something new, that I could watch...

Then, out of nowhere, all over the news, magazines, The WB, and posters, I started to see the promotional information for a show called "Smallville." For a Superman fan, I needed very little explanation about what the show would be about; I knew. This was that new and different show that I was looking for - a retelling of the Superman story. Heck, this was an unexplored time period of Superman's life - his high school years. To me, this was just sheer genius. I was so excited I couldn't find enough information. I looked in every magazine, interview, and commercial. And when the day of it premiere finally came, I was thrilled.

Did you like it back then?

I loved "Smallville." What an amazing series! The show definitely helped my weeks go by faster and to forget my troubles. I tell you now, I finally got a great job, another girlfriend, and I didn't loose my car! As a matter of fact, I still have it. With "Smallville," each episode drew me in closer and deeper into the world of "Smallville." I would visit all the websites that had anything about "Smallville" at that time. I bought the posters, the comic books, and subscribed to the official magazine. Good times! By Season Two, I had brought in at least a dozen friends of mine into "Smallville." We would get together every week and watch! "Smallville" was a party with a full house. It was more than a show now; it was an event! "Smallville" was part of my life. So, yes, to answer your question, I liked it back then. (winks)

What is it about "Smallville" that has you hooked?

Possibly, it's because they let us nibble on all kinds of iconic, comic book goodness and treats, but they never really give it all away. The great characters are also a factor. We look forward to what they will do next, and it is so unpredictable at times. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere. The relationships are intriguing as well. I suffered through the whole Clark and Lana relationship. I mean, those two could never be together. I felt so badly for them. But then, Lois came to "Smallville" and we watched there relationship develop, and now I think, you know, him not hooking up with Lana was for the best. Poor Chloe, she has loved Clark for the entire series, and he just never felt the same (except for a handful of episodes in Season One where he considered it, only to leave her at the dance to find Lana), and I was very sad for her. These are real stories, real relationships, like the ones I had when I was young. But, I won't lie, one of the biggest aspects of "Smallville" that has me hooked is the "hope." Yes, the hope that things will align themselves with the story I know so well and love. The hope that he will take to the skies one day. The hope that he and Lois will be happy together, without danger of a break-up. The hope keeps me hooked, waiting to see what happens next. The dream of the amazing ten year pay-off!

What would you say is the formula that has allowed "Smallville" to last for so long?

Having the most beautiful people on earth working on their show hasn't hurt them. But also, the incredible and, at times, unlikely love triangles, are just fun and curious to watch. Special effects and surprise DC comics cameos are a great lifeline too. But, the most important thing is like I have already mentioned; they keep our hopes up, waiting, and wondering what's next. Because anything is possible in "Smallville."

What is your favorite DC Comics cameo that has appeared on the show? Why?

I believe my favorite DC Comics cameo was Bart Allen.


Well, he wasn't’t a meteor freak, yet he has a special ability (speed) that could rival Clark’s. His character was, at first, going down a bad road in his life, but, after meeting Clark, and feeling he wasn’t alone, he straightened out his life. He now works with Green Arrow and his future Justice League members to fight crime and bring justice to the world. I have loved all of his appearances on "Smallville" and I look forward to any of his future visits, if possible. Also, up to the point of his first appearance, many had actually compared Clark to the "Flash." This was mostly because he (Clark) super-sped everywhere and didn’t fly. But, with the arrival of Bart on "Smallville," it was evident how different both characters really were! And with their personalities, attitudes, and goals being so different, I never heard that argument again. The fact the Bart came to "Smallville," kind of gave Clark back to us. Also, I have always been a fan of the Flash, and I have especially loved all the times that he and Superman had comic book stories together. I own them all. Did you know that they have raced each other many times, and the question still remains, "Who is faster?"

What has been the best "Smallville" moment from any season for you?

This is very difficult for me to answer. I have now spent three sleepless nights trying to think of a moment that stands out in my head. Hhhhmm, I am a huge fan of all of Clark’s rescues, and I love all of his running-off-to-face-the-bad-guys scenes. but...

(Two more days go by)

I finally have an answer for you. It has come down to three moments for me: The best, my favorite, and most memorable moment.

I think my favorite "Smallville" moment was when Kal took flight in "Crusade!" Of course, you are not surprised by this answer, for I have more then expressed my feeling about flight. The best thing about that episode for me was that I was spoiler-free at that time, and it came as a total surprise to me. It was like the time I saw Chris Reeve take flight when I was just a kid. Here, the same thing happened. I knew that he would fly some day, and I was sure the "Smallville" special effect would be fantastic, but nothing could have prepared me for the flying events of "Crusade." He took to the skies and took us all with him. I once again believed a man could fly. I remembered jumping off my bed and leaping for joy. After I leaped, I leaped some more. What a grandiose moment that was to me! One thing I would have loved was to see him do was land, but that’s Okay. I felt that scene pretty much rivaled or stayed on par, with any and all super-hero flight scenes ever filmed to date. I congratulate them for this amazing, memorable moment that they created for us all.

Some might not agree or approve of my choice for the most memorable moment, but here it goes. My most memorable one was when Clark ran into the twister to rescue Lana. It was a great cliffhanger and season finale, and, boy, did that summer seem long! It was a really shocking and memorable moment, and yes, I cried.

Finally, the best moment.
I hope no one is disappointed by my opinion, but, my best "Smallville" moment was the beginning of the episode "Bloodline." This is when Lois and Clark are both getting sucked into the Phantom Zone. This start to an episode was like a season finale. I almost fainted, cried, screamed, and leaped for joy at the same time when Clark looked at Lois and said; "Nobody messes with Lois and Clark!" My best "Smallville" moment almost gave me a heart attack. It was an amazing scene for an amazing episode.

As a Superman fan, how would you like "Smallville" to end?

As a Superman fan, I would really like the show to end differently than the way the producers and creators of the show have always said they would do it.

Allow me to explain.
I will use "Star Wars" as an example. I love the original "Star Wars" movies. And when I heard they were making a new trilogy, and that it would be a prequel dealing with the origin of Darth Vader. I was ecstatic! We would get to see Darth Vader on the big screen once again! I waited patiently, and stayed up to date on all of the movie news. The first of the three movies took about three years to make, and it dealt, above all things, with little Anakin Skywalker (the future Darth Vader) and how he met the other Jedis and was taken under their wing. His life was changed inside and out, and all kinds off things aligned themselves, so that someday he could become "the" Darth Vader. But this transformation did not occur in this first sequel. The next movie took another three years, and we did not see him become Darth Vader here either, I still enjoyed it, and we did see the character give big signs of his weaknesses, the exact weaknesses that would eventually transform him into the evil Darth Vader. But now, there was just one movie left. I remember thinking, "Will he become Darth Vader early on in the movie?" I mean, this was the big pay-off. Well, three years later and a total of nine years of waiting, and finally Anakin became Darth Vader...in the last ten minutes of the movie! Don't get me wrong, it was special. But I really wished we could have enjoyed more of this character, maybe watch him in action, perhaps even get a whole movie where he was the villain.

And this brings me to "Smallville." I, and many others, started watching because we knew that there will eventually be a big pay-off. We would get to see the origin of our hero. I, personally, am still hopeful and attached to the dream that he will be Superman at some point on the show. But, do we want him to be Superman for the final scene of the final episode? Will the ten-year wait be satisfied with only a ten-second scene? The Superman fan inside many of us says "No!" But...it will probably end this way.

Once again, don't get me wrong. Even if he never becomes Superman on "Smallville," it would not change the amazing journey I have had and how much I love the show. But since you are asking, I would like for him to be Superman for at least six episodes of "Smallville" with Lois knowing his secret and covering for him. I want to see them (Lois and Clark) have a romantic night-flight over the skies of Metropolis. I want the final scene to be of him flying off to face a monstrous-sized challenge or foe, and with Lois hopping into a taxi right after Clark/Superman told her to stay at the Daily Planet. Wow, yes! That would be a dream come true for me.

If you got to meet any of the "Smallville" creators, what would you say to them?

I would express my sincere gratitude for their work. What they have done has truly changed my life. It has given me so much hope and vision. The show is responsible for my becoming more computer savvy, for creating tons of new art work, for my learning how to use Photoshop, for my making more than 500 friends, great friends, from around the world, and for giving this new generation a new face for my hero, Superman! (Perfect casting, by the way!). I guess I would have a million questions for them, but I would probably not ask them in fear of scaring hem off (laughs). It would be important, if I met them, to let them know, without a doubt, that I am a loyal fan, a grateful fan, and that I love their vision.

It’s so frustrating to see the CW continually ignore "Smallville." What do you think we fans can do to promote our show?

Get involved! Use whatever talents you have to spread the Smallville love. I love art, and I love to write, and, darn it, if swimming could help "Smallville," somehow I would do it.

Right now, I am writing for various "Smallville" websites. I also write movie articles, but what I am trying to say is it's not an impossible dream! Use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and everything at your disposal to reach out to the people. Love "Smallville" as much as you love the characters. Be like Clark. Help others, and be kind and friendly. Make them curious about that show this nice person is always talking about. Lure them in. Every little bit helps.


Season Ten is here, If we continue to support the show, who knows what surprises the future has in store for us? Spin-off's, Season Eleven, movies, or even a whole new show for Lois and Clark (I can dream right?). Please, don't stop now, Season Ten is not the end! Do your part!

What inspired you to start this brilliant idea of interviewing other "Smallville" fans?

It was an idea I have had for a while. I was just waiting for the right website to publish these interviews. But, I would have to say, it came to me when I started "following" such loyal and obsessed fans of the show on Twitter. They had so many passionate ideas, ideas that perhaps will go forever unheard, unless someone helped. It kills me to think that, because, as a fan, another big part of enjoying the show and the "Smallville" experience was sharing it with others. Giving these great fans the opportunity to express themselves, I knew, would help them vent their love for the show, let others get to know them, and create a respectful, admiration-full relationship among and within the fandom. It is a fandom that, I may add, is very divided at times. I hope that the Chloe fans, the Lois fans, the neutral folks, and even the haters can all read these interviews and see that these people are not their enemies. They are very much like them - passionate about one aspect or another about the show. Then, perhaps, all of the shippers, all of the fans, and all of the rest can realize that what we all want is the same thing. We want the show that hears us out, and a show that listens to its fans and what they want. Well, if my interviewing them and getting their ideas and points of view and stories out there can help, so be it. I feel so fulfilled with each interview, it is hard to tell for me sometimes who is enjoying it more, me or the interviewees.
I want to thank all involved in this interview, and all who sent in these wonderful questions. It has been refreshing and special to answer them. I love you all.

It was a tremendous honor for me to host this interview. Josue is an admirable person and a devoted fan of Smallville. Thank you, Josue, for letting us so deep into your life. *hugs* This is definitively a milestone for our Twitter/Smallville family history. Thanks to the lovely people who sent questions: Karen, Lia, Dee, Waliu and those who wanted to remain anonymous!! Thank you all!!! *hugs*

You can comment about this interview below. No registration needed. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Josue   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 8:47 am

I just want to say thanks again to Josue. This is really a very special interview filled with special moments of your life we didn't even imagine you would share!! Love all your answers and you deep devotion to all things Smallville!! Love it all!!!!! *hugs*
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PostSubject: Josue & Clark: The Smallville Connection   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 9:40 am

What a great interview. I'm so lucky to know Josh and Enid both, and thanks to Josh I am a new fan of "Smallville". It is obvious from the very first sentence that Josh is totally emersed in all that is "Smallville". I can't imagine anyone more committed to the show and to the hero that is Clark/Superman. We all have hero potential of some sort, and I think Josh sweetly conveys this sentiment.

An amazing start to my day!

Luv you guys.

Lori F aka DooneyPug
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PostSubject: Smallville   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 3:22 pm


For starters, wth are Underoos? LOL

Your interview made me all warm and fuzzy!!!

Sometimes I'm so wrapped up in S9, I forget about the early seasons and how much history the show has!!!

Thank you, Sarah x
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Josue   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 2:23 pm

This was a wonderful interview, Josue and Enid. So happy to know other Smallville fans and their passionate of the show. =) Laughing
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Marie (S

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Josue   Interview with Josue Icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 2:42 pm

Smile I love interview is great to know more about the fans Smile and Josue you're an amazing person, God bless you
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Josue   Interview with Josue Icon_minitime

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Interview with Josue
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