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Smallville: Parallel Photo_12

It started out as any other day. Clark went over to Lois’ place to wake her up as usual. He leaned over the bed and kissed her on her cheek. “Good morning sweetheart.” he said. Lois slowly rolled over to look at him. “Hey handsome.” she said as she leaned up to give him a kiss. “What are we doing today?” Lois asked. “Well we both have to go to work, but I also have to save the world.” he said with a smirk.

Lois slowly got up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “I have to get a shower real quick.” she said. “How about you go and get us some coffee before work.” she told Clark as she walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Clark slowly got up and started walking to the door. Lois opened the door and yelled, “No super speeding! I don’t want you to have it here before I’m done showering and it be cold!” Clark continued turned and walked backwards while looking at Lois grinning. He stopped and saluted her with a grin and said, “Yes sir!”

Both walked in their own directions laughing. Clark exited Lois’ apartment building and walked four blocks before coming to the coffee shop. He entered and ordered his and Lois’ usual. He had a cappuccino with cream and Lois had a regular coffee black. Clark grabbed both coffees and headed for the door.

Clark walked back the way he had come when he heard a lady screaming. He dropped the coffees and super sped to the nearest phone booth to change into the Blur. He rushed off to the rooftop where he had heard the woman screaming. As he arrived he saw only a man standing there. It was Milton Fine. “Well if it isn’t the great son of Krypton.” Fine said. “What are you doing here?” Clark asked him in a firm tone. “You thought you could destroy me that easily when you saved your friend from my power?” Fine asked. “You were supposed to be. Now tell me how you survived.” Clark demanded. “Your friends didn’t know that I left a small trace of myself inside Miss Sullivan.” Fine told him. “I regenerated from that and slowly regained my full power.” Fine explained.

Clark looked at Fine with disgust. “So how did you manage to get out of her without her knowing?” Clark asked. “It was simple really. All I had to do was drain the rest of her natural metals slowly killing her.” Fine said with a grin. Clark gave Fine an angry look and said “This time I’ll make sure you’re destroyed and can never return.” He started to super speed towards Fine when all of a sudden he disappeared and a portal appeared. Clark tried to slow down so he could miss the portal but wasn’t fast enough.

Clark fell into the portal and as he did the portal closed with a zap noise at the end of it. Clark drifted in an unknown space full of portal holes. They were everywhere and he had no idea which one to choose. He looked to his left and saw a portal drifting by. “I hope that’s the one I have to go through to get home.” he said. Clark slowly drifted towards the portal and entered it. Clark came through the portal only to find he was falling through the air in the rain in a place that looked a lot like Metropolis.

“Oh great how am I suppose to get out of this?” he said. Clark closed his eyes as he vastly approached the ground below him. The next thing he knew he didn’t feel himself falling. Clark slowly opened his eyes to find himself floating in mid air. “What the?” he said. “I can fly now? When did this happen?” he asked himself. It was then Clark thought to himself “If I can fly in place I wonder if I can fly to another place like Kara can.” Clark slowly leaned up so his feet were pointing to the ground. “Now let’s see how this works.” he said to himself. He concentrated hard and slowly started to fly towards the Daily Planet globe.

He stopped himself before he could crash into it. “Kara was right. This flight ability can be helpful but it can also be powerful.” he said. “I better watch myself with this.” he said as he stared at the globe. Clark then heard a man screaming as he ran through the empty street.

Clark flew as fast as he could to find out who the guy was and why he was screaming. He looked and looked then finally saw the guy. It was his old friend Pete Ross. He was being chased by a gang of thugs. Clark landed in the middle of the street between Pete and the thugs. “Leave him alone.” Clark said as he stared and the four men. Their eyes got big and they turned around to run away. Clark ran after them rolling three of them in a piece of some old fence.

The fourth thug ran as fast as he could and got away. “I’ll catch you later. You won’t get far.” Clark said. He turned to look at Pete. “Clark?” Pete asked. “You say that like you’re looking at a ghost.” Clark said. “I think I am.” Pete said. They both paused. “You’re supposed to be dead.” he told Clark. “Dead? What do you mean?” Clark asked.

“I saw Milton Fine kill you two years ago.” Pete told him. Pete how can I be dead if I’m right here?” Clark asked him. Pete looked at Clark. “Come with me. I’ll tell you everything.” Pete told Clark. “Where are we going to go?” Clark asked. “We can go to my place.” Pete told him as he hurried. “Wait Pete I can fly us there.” Clark yelled. “Ok but we have to hurry before those guys return.” Pete whispered.

Clark lifted Pete into his arms and started to take off. “You know this feels awkward right?” Pete asked Clark. Clark grinned and continued to fly. Clark and Pete continued to fly while Clark told him the whole situation. “So you came here through a portal?” Pete asked. “Yeah and I don’t know how to get back.” Clark explained. “Get me to my place and I’ll explain the whole situation about you being dead.” Pete replied. “You got it.” Clark said. “Which way is it anyway?” Clark asked. “Just down there.” Pete replied. “Ok we’re going in.” Clark warned. They slowly landed on the pavement below. “Ok come on in and I’ll tell you everthing.” Pete exclaimed. “Good because I’m confused.” Clark said.

Pete slowly entered his house as Clark followed. "Why are we go in slowly?" Clark asked. "I've been having a few burglary problems lately." Pete answered. Pete looked around every part of the house carefully. "The coast is clear." Pete said. "So tell me the whole deal with me supposedly being dead." Clark demanded. Pete told Clark the whole story for the next few hours. "So let me get this straight. Fine killed me by making another version of himself made of kryptonite?" Clark asked. "Yeah. He did it two years ago so there was no Clark Kent or Blur to stop the thugs or meteor freaks from terrorizing everybody." Pete replied.

"So how am I suppose to go up against him now if he has that thing?" Clark asked. "Chloe and I managed to get to his base and destroy it." Pete explained. "Chloe is alive?" Clark asked with surprise is his tone. "Yeah but she suffers from memory loss after bumping her head in the explosion at Fine's base." Pete said sadly. "And since then Lana has died, Lois is chief of the Daily Planet, and your parents moved to Washington D.C." Pete said. "My parents? But my dad is dead." Clark explained. "Well your mom married Perry White which made him leave the Daily Planet and he made Lois chief editor of the paper." Pete explained. Clark rubbed his face taking in all this information.

"Can we get Chloe to help us get to Fine's base so I can get back?" Clark asked. "Yeah but don't mention Oliver Queen to her." Pete noted. "If Chloe is like she is in my universe then I probably don't want to know." Clark said with a smile. "I'll just say this. He really hurt her and she is disgusted with him now. I'm going to leave it at that." Pete said as he walked to the door.

"So are you ready to go get Chloe?" Pete asked. "It's the only way I can get back so let's go." Clark demanded. Clark and Pete exited the the building through the front door. "So which way is Chloe's place?" Clark asked. "She lives just three blocks down so that should take at least a hour to get there." Pete said. Clark and Pete headed north to Chloe's place.

"Alright this is it." Pete said. Clark and Pete entered Chloe's place. "Chloe?" Pete yelled. Clark looked around the building in super speed. "Pete get up here quick!" Clark yelled from the top of the stairs. Pete rushed up to the top to see what was the matter.

"Oh my gosh." Pete said with a gasp. Clark leaned down and lifted up Chloe's cold body. "She's dead." Clark said trying to hold back his tears. "Fine must have got here before we did and killed her." Pete said. "What are we suppose to do now?" Pete asked. Clark looked up with anger in his eyes. "We get some of Chloe's tools and head to the base." Clark said. "How did you know she had that?" Pete asked confused. "I x-rayed the place while I ran through it." Clark said firmly. "What are you going to do when you get there?" Pete asked. "Fine is not human. He's machine so from now on we call him Brainiac." Clark said looking out the window.

Clark walked down the steps to the first floor with anger. "Clark you act like your about to do something dangerous." Pete said as he followed. "I am Pete. I'm going to destroy Brainiac once and for all no matter what." Clark said firmly.

Clark and Pete rushed through the first floor gathering as man weapons as possible. "Get that body armor for you too Pete." Clark said. "Alright man I'm ready." Pete said as he put on the armor vest. "Remember to only use the weapons when you have to. You need to save your ammunition." Clark reminded. "Not a problem Clark." Pete said. "Let's do this." they both said. They both headed out the front door and headed the other five blocks to Brainiac's base.

After walking for only half a hour Clark stopped. "Hop on my back Pete. I'm going to run us there super fast." Clark said. "Okay but you have to do something about those clothes first." Pete said. "What's wrong with my clothes?" Clark asked curiously. "I'm not sure. The whole black thing just seems a little...batty." Pete said. "Do you have anything else?" Clark asked.

Pete reached into his backpack. "I was saving this for memory purposes and I made some small changes to it." Pete said digging into the backpack. Pete slowly pulled out a red jacket, blue shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of worker boots. Clark smirked. "I hope you don't mind the change I made to the shirt. You just always seemed super so I had to do it." Pete said. Clark slowly unfolded the shirt to find a red and yellow letter S to be posted on the front of it.

"Nice one Pete." Clark said grinning. "I'll go change into these now." Clark said. Clark looked all around for a place to change only to find an empty telephone booth. "No way man I don't want to see you changing into your clothes." Pete said laughing. "Don't worry I'll be done before you see anything." Clark said. Clark rushed into the phone booth and super sped into his new clothes. When he finished Clark stepped out of the phone booth. "Is it me?" Clark asked. "Yeah I have to say it actually is." Pete said nodding.

Clark through the black clothing into the air and set them on fire using his heat vision. "So before we go I have to ask you something Pete." Clark said. "Ask away." Pete replied. "Why does it always rain?" Clark asked curiously. "Fine...I mean Brainiac created a weather machine to make it dark and rainy constantly. I guess he thinks is more villainy." Pete said. "Okay well we better get going then." Clark said looking north. Pete hopped on Clark's back and the super sped off towards the base.

After running for only what seemed like two seconds Clark and Pete arrived at the base. "Well this is it." Pete said staring at the tower. All of a sudden they heard a whooshing sounding coming down towards them from above. A blur rushed between both of them knocking Clark down. "You can't have help with this fight Kal-El." a voice said from above. Clark looked up. "Brainiac." he said to himself. "I'm afraid you friend will have to die in order to make this a much fairer fight." Brainiac said holding Pete by his throat. Brainiac slowly squeezed his throat. After slow agonizing seconds Pete finally ran out of air.

"Now you will have more motivation to fight me Kal-El." Brainiac said releasing Pete's body. Pete's body vastly approached the ground. "Pete!" Clark yelled rushing to catch the falling body. Clark super sped towards the building just in time to catch Pete's body. "Pete." Clark said holding back tears. Clark looked up to see Brainiac walking away from the edge.

Clark laid Pete's body gently on the ground. "Don't worry Pete. You're death won't be in vain." Clark said looking down. Clark looked towards the front of the tower. "You kill both of my friends and challenge me to a fight. At first you made this only a battle. You have now declared this a war." Clark said angrily. Clark got up off his knee and started walking towards the front of the tower. Clark paused. "I'm finishing this once and for all." Clark said as he looked up. "You're mine now Brainiac." Clark said gritting his teeth. Clark stepped back five steps. Clark looked up again to concentrate. After standing there Clark flew up to the roof.

As soon as Clark reached the top of the tower he stopped and looked around the huge roof hoping to find Brainiac. "Come on out you coward!" Clark yelled. Out of nowhere Clark felt a sudden push from behind him. "Oof." Clark said as he fell to the roof. Clark rolled over and looked up. "You'll have to do better than that Kal." Brainiac said. "Why don't you come down here and fight like the man you say you are!" Clark yelled to Brainiac. Brainiac slowly floated down onto the roof.

"You think you can take on me?" Brainiac asked. Clark and Brainiac started circling the roof not breaking eye contact with each other. "You killed both of my friends and you expect to live?" Clark asked. "You will be destroyed permanently this time Brainiac." Clark explained. Both started super speeding towards each other ready to throw a punch. Clark ducked and avoided Brainiac's punch. Clark gave a right uppercut right into Brainiac's face as he came up.

Brainiac flew across the roof and hit the top of the antenna to the weather machine. "Do you still want to fight me?" Clark yelled over the thunder. Brainiac began to laugh. "What are you laughing at?" Clark asked. "You have no idea." Brainiac said. "I have no idea about what?" Clark asked. "This whole world is fake. Since you damaged my antenna I guess I'll show you the true form of this dimension." Brainiac replied. Brainiac stood up and reached over to the main switch.

"It's time you see just how bizarre this place is." Brainiac said. Brainiac put his hand on the switch and pulled it down. The clouds started to withdraw and the thunder booms got quieter and quieter. After the sky was clear Brainiac began to pull a mask off his face. "It can't be." Clark whispered to himself. After pulling the mask off Brainiac looked at Clark. Only it wasn't Brainiac. It was Bizarro. "You thought it would be that easy?" Bizarro asked. "How is this even possible?" Clark asked. "You see I met Fine a couple months ago and we decided to team up again. He built me this tower so I could always look exactly like you without worrying about the sun. So then we decided to make it look as if you were dead. I killed the real you without anybody knowing but then we had to let people see you really die. I posed as you and Fine pretended to kill me. " Bizarro explained.

Bizarro continued. "Of course there could only be one master of this dimension so I had to kill him. Of course I needed a mask of his face before I could go on with my plan. Then of course I made the mask and next thing you know here we are now." Bizarro said. "That would explain the flying. I don't remember Fine flying much if at all." Clark replied. "Well now it's time to finish this once and for all." Bizarro said. "You got that right." Clark replied. Clark super sped towards Bizarro as he pulled the switch down bringing back the rain and clouds. Clark reached Bizarro too late but was still able to put in a punch and knock him away from the switch.

Bizarro ran towards Clark throwing a punch at his face. "Give me your best shot." Bizarro roared. Clark got up to his feet and threw a punch at Bizarro. "Now have this you clone." Clark said as he raised his fist. Clark threw his hardest punch at Bizarro's face knocking him so hard he landed on the edge of the roof. "I guess if I destroy your machine you'll lose a lot of your strength thanks to the sun." Clark said. "Don't you dare!" Bizarro yelled from across the roof. Clark gave a huge punch to the power box destroying every cloud and rain drop around the dimension.

"Now that everything is gone let's see what you got now." Clark said. Bizarro super sped towards the power box and pulled out a wire. "Take this." Bizarro said as he slashed the wired across Clark's chest. When the spark met Clark's wet shirt it sent a bolt across his chest burning a huge line across and through the shirt. Clark flinched and stepped back a few steps. "You ruined the shirt my friend made for me." Clark said as a rumble of thunder went across the sky. "Yes a real storm." Bizarro said. Rain started poring. "Since you killed my friends and messed up my shirt I'm really going to take you out." Clark said.

Clark ran as fast as he could and picked Bizarro up by his shirt. "I'm going to kill you." Clark said as he looked Bizarro in the eyes. Bizarro slashed the wire across Clark's chest again making another burn. Clark dropped Bizarro and stepped back again. "I've had it with you shocking me." Clark said. Clark took off his jacket and removed what was left of his shirt. "This time I'm finishing you." Clark said angrily. Clark super sped towards Bizarro picking him up by his shirt and flew him up high. "Are you going to hurt me Kal?" Bizarro asked with a grin. "Nope I just plan on hurting you." Clark said grinning back.

Clark dropped Bizarro letting him fall to the roof until he heard a loud boom. Clark flew down as fast as he could. "You can't...kill me." Bizarro stuttered. "I'm just going hit until you tell me how to get back home." Clark said. Clark threw his hardest punch ever at Bizarro. "Okay I'll tell you." Bizarro said. "The only way back is to destroy the controller for the power. You'll never find it though." Bizarro continued. "I already have." Clark replied. "I found it with my x-ray vision while you were falling." Clark concluded. Clark pulled the controller out of the damaged power box.

"I guess if I press this red button here it'll open the portal home." Clark said proudly. Clark pressed the button and out of thin air a portal appeared. "You'll have a rude awakening when you get home." Bizarro said. "Your opinion doesn't matter to me." Clark said. Clark rounded up his shirt and jacket and stepped through the portal dragging Bizarro behind him. As soon as they arrived Clark was fully clothed and back to the exact point in which he left the coffee shop.

Clark grabbed the coffee and ran back to Lois' place. Clark stopped in the main entrance of the apartment building. He walked up the steps to the second floor where Lois' apartment was. Before Clark could open the door there was Lois fully clothed and ready to go to work. "It's about time you got here. You're getting slow in your old age Smallville." Lois said with a grin. Clark tried to speak but sputtered. "Don't worry about it the coffee is still warm. Now we have to go now." Lois said rushing Clark and herself out the door. Lois locked the door behind her and walked down the stairs with Clark in locked arms. "Lois I have to tell you something." Clark said.

They walked on and Clark told her the whole story of his visit to the other dimension. "Well the whole point is that you're safe and you're here with me." Lois said. "Yeah you're right but I still need to keep my eye open for anything." Clark replied. "That's the spirit." Lois said. "I thought you were going to be a while in the shower anyway and why do we have to rush to the Daily Planet this morning?" Clark asked. "Oh Perry called and said the biggest news ever just hit." Lois replied. "What is that?" Clark asked curiously. "Lex Luthor is back from the dead." Lois concluded.
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Smallville: Parallel
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