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Smallville: Journey Journe10

Clark grabbed Lois' hand and headed out the door. "So exactly how is Lex back from the dead?" Clark asked. "That's the thing. Nobody know exactly how he did it." Lois replied. Both of them at each other. "Well I guess we better get going then if we want to write this story." Clark said. Lois and Clark started walking towards the Daily Planet when Lois recieved a call. "Are you sure?" she asked the caller. Lois hung up the call and placed her phone back in her pocket. "Who was that?" Clark asked curiously. "That was Perry. Apparently Luthor is hold a press conference announcing his return and Perry wants his top reporters there." Lois explained.

Clark looked at Lois with curiosity. "Doesn't this seem a bit sudden with him just returning?" Clark asked. "Yeah, but Perry is the boss and what he says goes I guess." Lois said. Clark shook his head. "We better get going then before we give him a chance to get mad at us." Clark said. Both walked towards Metropolis Square where the press conference was being held. After waiting for about a half hour Lex Luthor began walking towards the podium. As he reached the podium Lex waved to the audience as the cheered and whistled. Clark looked at him from the front of the crowd with Lois in disgust. Clark knew what kind of man Lex was. "My fellow Metropolians." Lex said starting his speech. "Man of you are wondering how I have returned after being pronounced dead." he continued. "The truth is the body that was caught in the explosion was not mine. It was the body of a clone of myself that I had made four years ago." Lex continued.

"I have been in hiding for the past few years in order to keep myself safe from the bounty that was on my head." Lex continued as cameras continued to flash. "I have now returned for one reason and one reason only. I am here to help the city of Metropolis get back on it's feet." Lex said with a straight face. "I hope all of you will welcome me back with open arms and allow me to help you and your families." Lex concluded. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a business I need to take care of." Lex said. "Thank you for your time and have a great day." Lex said as he waved while walking away from the podium.

"Something is up here and I don't like it." Clark said in disgust looking at Lex walking away. "Yeah, but Perry wants this story so we better get to the Planet and start writing." Lois replied. Lois grabbed Clarks hand and pulled him with her out of the crowd. After walking for an hour without saying a word Lois and Clark arrived at the Daily Planet.

Clark looked at Lois from across the desk. "I'm going to go for a run real quick." Clark said getting up out of his chair. "Do you mean a run or a quick run?" Lois said grinning. "The second one." Clark said knowing that Lois knew what he meant by a quick run. "Okay well don't stay out toolong or Perry might get upset." Lois replied. Clark sprinted towards the door grabbing his backpack as he continued to sprint. Once he reached it he darted into an alley. Clark opened his bag. "Okay Pete. Time for this outfit you made for me to come in handy." Clark said. Clark super sped to get into his red jacket, blue shirt with a red and yellow "S" on the chest, a pair of blue jeans, and a worn pair of working boots.

Clark finished putting on his outfit and super sped off to Lex's Luthor Corp building. Clark ran and ran until he arrived at the front of Luthor Corp tower. He thought to himself for a second of what he should do next. After thinking for a few minutes Clark ran behind Luthor Corp tower. Clark bent his knees as if he were going to super leap up to the roof of the building only to start start flying instead. "Lex!" Clark called from in front of the main office window. Lex opened the window to let Clark in. "I see you can fly like your other half can." Lex said grinning. "I am nothing like that monster." Clark said gritting his teeth.

"Besides how did you even know about him?" Clark asked. "Didn't he say you had a big suprise waiting for you when you got back here?" Lex asked. "Yeah. How did you?" Clark asked as he tried to finish the question. "I had been working with your other half, or Bizarro as you call him, and Milton Fine for a while." Lex explained. Clark looked at him curiously. "What do you want exactly?" Clark asked. "Meet me and the others on the roof in one hour and we'll answer that question then." Lex replied. "Now get out of my office before I have you escorted out by force." Lex commanded. Clark walked towards the window and opened it.

"Fine. This isn't over though Lex." Clark said edging out the window. "We'll see about that in an hour won't we?" Lex said smirking. Clark leaped out of the window and flew back to the alley where he changed into his outfit. "I think I'll save time and just put my suit back on over this." Clark said to himself. Clark super sped putting his suit back on over his outfit. Clark slung his backpack over his shoulder to avoid confusion and questioning when he walked back into the Planet.

Clark rushed back into the Daily Planet to find Lois. Lois was typing on the computer as she wrote the story of Lex's return. "Lois." Clark said walking towards her desk. "What is it Clark?" Lois asked sounding a little frightened. "We have to talk for a minute in private." Clark replied. Clark grabbed Lois' hand and pulled her into the phonebooth to where they could talk.

"What is it Clark?" Lois asked again. "I have something I need to do." Clark explained. "Is this going to endanger your life?" Lois asked worrying. "I'm not sure yet but I have to tell you something before I go." Clark said. "Okay well what is it Smallville?" Lois asked. "I love you." Clark said looking into Lois' eyes. "I love you too." Lois said with a suprised look on her face. Clark leaned in and gave Lois a big long kiss. "I have to go now." Clark said trying leave. "Are you coming back?" Lois asked. "I certainly hope so." Clark replied.

Clark used his super speed and sped out of the phone booth. Clark continued super speeding all the way. Clark kept running to warm up for whatever may had lied ahead for him. After running for a few minutes Clark darted back into an alley to change out of his suit. Clark ripped open his suit shirt revealing his super outfit below. "I'm ready for whatever lies ahead I guess." Clark said to himself. Clark stood silent for a moment hoping that everything would be okay after all of this was over. Clark super sped towards the Luthor Corp building.

Clark finally reached the tower. He decided to hide behind it since he had five minutes to spare and it was almost dark. Clark waited and waited for the time to roll by. Finally the five minutes were up. Clark flew up to the roof to find Bizarro and Milton Fine standing beside Lex. "How are you here?" Clark asked looking at Fine. "Your better half as I like to call him killed only my future form. The present me is still here and very much alive." Fine explained. Clark looked at all of them with disgust. "Either way all of you will pay if you try anything." Clark said.

Clark slowly floated down and landed on the roof. "So what is it you want Lex?" Clark asked from across the roof. "Fine if you will please." Lex said as he turned and walked away from Clark. "Lex!" Clark yelled. Clark tried walking towards Lex only to all of a sudden he started felling weak. Fine pulled a glowing green rock from behind his back. "You see Kal-El. You are not the only one who prepares for battle." Fine said with a smirk. Fine slipped the chunk of kryptonite into Clark's jacket pocket. "Time to show you what my plan has been all along." Lex said as he turned on a machine on the roof. Bizarro came over to help Fine pick up Clark and take him to Lex.

Fine and Bizarro dropped Clark letting Lex explain what the machine does. "This machine will erase everybody's memory in the world. It will also send you back in time." Lex explained. "How are you suppose to make it do that?" Clark asked getting weaker. "All I need is a sample of your blood." Lex replied. "And you're going to give it to me." Lex said staring at Clark. Lex pulled the chunk of kryptonite out of Clark's pocket and the edge of it across the palm of Clark's hand. Clark yelled in pain as it slowly stund his palm. "Take this and put it in the machine." Lex commanded Fine as he put a sample of blood in a test tube.

Fine walked over to the machine to poor in the blood. Lex dropped the kryptonite hoping to still weaken Clark. Lex walk towards the machine. "It's done and ready for him Mr. Luthor." Fine said. "Good. Now all we need is..." Lex said as he turned around. "Where is he?" Fine asked Bizarro. "He was just here a second ago." Bizarro explained. They looked around for Clark but he was nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden Clark flew out of nowhere zooming past all three of them. "Are you looking for me?" Clark asked form above. Clark landed back down on the roof and super sped towards the machine. Clark hit it so hard he destroyed the time parts of the machine. "Nobody is going back in time for anything as long as I'm around. Clark super sped towards fine and used his heat vision super heating him. Fine immediately exploded. Clark the sped towards Bizarro throwing a super hard punch knocking him towards the other side of the planet where he would meet the sun. Clark turned around and looked at Lex.

"You may have destroyed my maching but I always have a back up plan." Lex said pointing a huge gun at Clark. Lex fired a beam from the weapon at Clark. Clark moved out of the may just in time only to have his jacket caught by the beam. The beam carried Clark a few inches but he grabbed a piece of metal sticking up just in time. You can't win Clark!" Lex yelled. Clark hung on with all his might. "I may not be able to escape this but I can do this." Clark said as he pulled the piece of metal up and throwing it at Lex's head knocking him unconcious. Since he let the metal go Clark flew backwards into the portal that had formed behind him.


"Morning mom." Clark said walking down the stairs. "Good morning Clark." Martha replied. "Today is the big day for you isn't it?" Martha asked. "Yeah it is." Clark said grinning. "I'm glad you quit your senator job in time to see me off to Metropolis." Clark said with a big smile. "Well this breakfast is only part of your going away gift." Martha said. Clark looked at her curiously. "Come into the living room and I'll show you what the other part is." Martha explained. Clark followed Martha into the living room to see what the gift could be.

Martha pulled out a box from the closet. "I know it may be kind of big but you may grow into it a little bit more." Martha said carrying the box. Martha placed the gift in Clark's lap. "Grow into it?" Clark asked. "Just open it." Martha replied. Clark untied the ribbon and opened the box to find a blue suit and red cape inside. "Wow mom. This is great. Thank you." Clark said as he gave Martha a hug.

Clark super sped upstairs and put on the costume. Don't forget the red boots!" Martha yelled up the stairs. Clark looked around and found a pair of red boots behind his door that his mom had made for him. Clark finished putting on the costume and super sped back down the stairs to see what his mom thought. "How do I look?" Clark asked turning around slowly. "I like it. The "S" on your chest really stands out too." Martha answered. Martha walked up to help Clark fix his cape. "I know it's been hard with your friends moving away and not being able to have somebody to share your secret with but it will get better when you get to Metropolis." Martha said. "Yeah it's just too bad that the city is run by Lex Luthor." Clark replied. "Well either way I hope you'll do well in the city." Martha responded.

"Now you better put on some regular clothes if you're going to head out soon." Martha explained. Clark super sped up the stairs putting on a suit over his new costume. Clark finished packing his bags and super sped himself and everything downstairs. "That was fast." Martha said smiling. "Where is your costume anyway?" asked. "Oh I have it on under my suit just in case I need to change really quick." Clark replied. "So I made you a costume like you wanted. So what are you going to call yourself when you're in Metropolis?" Martha asked. "I was thinking of something with the word super in it but I'm not sure yet." Clark responded.

A horn signaled from outside. "Well there's your bus to Metropolis." Martha told Clark. "Well I better be off then mom." Clark said gathering his luggage. "Okay well maybe I'll see you in Metropolis." Martha replied. Clark gathered his things and put on his glasses. "I'll call you when I get there mom." Clark said giving Martha a kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye son." Martha saved waving as Clark went out the door to the bus.

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Smallville: Journey
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