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 Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 06, 2010 7:00 pm

Chapter 6

The Battle

The world around them became a streak as Clark and Kara super-sped through the air. He had mastered super-speeding on land, but it was at that moment Clark finally realized flying was much faster than running.

As his teary eyes dried by the cool wind blasting in his face, his heart pounded with fear and anxiousness. He had thought to have lost Lois, yet now that he discovered she was still alive, he would lose her if he wasn't fast enough.

They slowed down slightly as they approached Metropolis, yet it was still fast enough that the world seemed frozen to them. From a distance he could see the Daily Planet with its neighbor building Luthorcorp. He swung through the air and adjusted his flight path to align himself with the street in front of Luthorcorp, the side of the building where he knew Lois was falling.

Alas, he spotted her, and what relief it was to see she was still half the distance to the ground and seemed motionless in comparison to his velocity. As he approached her vicinity he returned to real time, and instantly she dropped into his hands. "I got you Lois."

Lois looked around and then glanced at her savior. "Clark?" So many questions ran through her mind, some where instantly answered for her. But, she cried out the most important ones at the moment, "You've got me?" "Clark, who’s got you?"

Brainiac had noticed the disturbance in the air from Clark’s g-forces. It had alerted Brainiac of his arrival.

"Finally." He grinned.

He launched himself of the belfry and began to chase them.

Clark flew fast and low with Lois in his arms between the Metropolis buildings as Brainiac followed. He zig-sagged around avoiding Brainiacs heat vision blasts. He felt the hits continuously but continued flying. But Brainiac was catching up to them.

Then Clark looked ahead and saw his solution, he knew immediately what he had to do. He began flying in a straight line allowing Brainiac to almost be at his feet. Brainiac continued firing his heat vision at them as Clark continued shielding Lois' head, but the beams burned deep into his back. Clark felt pain, but at the right moment he launched straight up. Before Brainiac could correct his course and follow Clark, Brainiacs eyes widened as he saw someone he had not accounted for super speeding straight at him with fisted hands. It was Kara who at that moment punched him with both hands as they crashed into each other. The explosion of the two colliding bodies sent a shock wave throughout.

Some distance away, Clark placed Lois gently on the grounds of Liberty Island, right next to the Statue of Liberty. His landing had been smooth. They looked into each others eyes momentarily and gently kissed. Clark felt life return to him. She was actually here, and all he wanted to do was be with her. He could easily fly her away and they could let the whole world crumble without them.

But Clark stepped back; he could not leave his cousin to face this monster alone. He hugged Lois and told her to find cover.

"I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too!" She answered.

Then, he levitated himself of the ground, and flew away. "Wow, Clark was 'The Blur'" Lois thought to herself, though deep in her heart she felt she always knew it.

She ran into the statue entrance and headed for the observation windows in the top of the structure. If "my Blur-Clark" would be fighting a super-villain in the middle of the day, this, she would not miss.

A quarter of a mile away, Kara was laying on the ground. Clark landed next to her and picked her head up. He ran his hands through her hair and whispered her name. She opened her eyes and shook her head. She came to her senses and got to her feet quickly. They both started looking around for Brainiac.

They finally spotted him from quite a distance, and he was beginning to get up. They were rushing to him when two F-18 military jet-fighters began bombarding the area. The thre of them were thrown back. But when the explosions stopped, and the smoke cleared, they were intact. Brainiac leapt angrily in flight after the F-18, Kara and Clark followed.

Brainiac caught up to the jetfighter and punched it violently. The jet spun out of control. The pilot inside attempted to regain stability but was spinning dizzily. Kara caught up to it and grabbed the jet it by the nose and slowly stabilized it. But just as she helped the one pilot, she began to receive fire from the other. She turned to see where the piercing rounds of fire were coming from,

"Hey, I'm one of the good guys!" she screamed as she flew past the cockpit of the shocked pilot.

Now it was Clark that chased Brainiac. He continued to shake away from Clark every time Clark got near. It was almost as if he was mocking Clark. Brainiac crossed the water and headed straight for the Statue of Liberty.

Clark got that feeling in his gut again.

Brainiac crashed into the feet of the statue and began to rip it of the ground. The Statue bobbled around and Clark fired his heat vision at him to no avail. It was almost as if he absorbed it.

Using his X-ray vision Clark noticed there was only one person inside; "Lois."

The Statue shot up as Brainiac carried it away over his head. Clark sped towards the windows at the crown of the Statue and made a sign to Lois, and she nodded. But at that instant the Statue was launched head first in the direction of the Metropolis skyscrapers.

Inside the observatory room in the Statue, Lois was pressed against the floor of the room. She had felt the enormous pressure of the launch and fell to the ground, which now was front row seat to whatever she would crash into. Then the flying statue abruptly stopped and caused Lois to shoot forward and crash into one of the observation windows. Her knees smashed the glass and she fell through. As she fell she grabbed on to the window frame and felt the sharp glass pierce her hand. Yet she did not let go. Dangling there in pain, hundreds of feet of the ground, she was finally able to get a better view of what had happened.

The enormous statue almost crashed into one of skyscrapers, but Clark stopped it mid-air. She marveled at how powerful he was. Her boyfriend was a god...

Blood dripped down her arms as she hung for her life. She felt the statue rotating and suddenly she was not hanging anymore. She saw how he was trying to lower the grand statue to the ground but Brainiac kept attacking him.

But suddenly a flash streaked through the sky and impacted itself into impacted Brainiac, sending him across the city. It was Kara that made the hit, and now Clark was finally able to gently place the statue down, and fly to Lois. He took her in his arms and flew her away to another part of town.

Brainiac continued colliding with a large signs and building tops and exploded through them. But, when he stopped crashing he got to his feet.


Not to far away, the Brainiac console was on a separate but equally as important mission. It slithered unnoticed underground, all around the large city while it conducted a massive search. And after hours and hours, it finally found what it sought. It quickly gorged out of the ground and returned to its metallic rectangular form. Instantly it began to send Brainiac a message…


Brainiac stood on the building top, he had realized that he was surrounded. Kara and Clark circled around him and they where ready to attack.
Suddenly, Brainiac received a message from his console. The message was what he was waiting for. At that moment he felt full circle completeness. His programming had reached its capacity.

He stopped.

Kara and Clark approached him, he seemed motionless. Without giving it to much thought Kara began to freeze breath him, Clark followed without hesitation. They continued freezing him while they circles around. He was almost 7 feet of ice in width before they finally stopped. All that was visible of Brainiac was a huge frozen crystallized block of ice.

Clark and Kara let out a sigh of relief. Kara looked at him and said, “I know just where to dispose of him.” They looked at each other in celebration, and then Clarks face changed. But Kara knew what he was thinking, “go to her” she said.

They both hugged, and she told him she would return.

Then Clark watched as Kara carried the large ice boulder away, and he took flight as well. He felt he could finally breathe again. It had been a few rough days for him, but all seemed calm. Still he felt a strong guilt for those passengers on the plane he could not save. It was just a thought he could not shake from his head.

From the air he could already see Lois waiting for him. She stood in the center of a city parking lot. He descended smoothly but his feet never touched the ground.

Would you like to come with me? Clark said.

“Well,” she said, “I’m going to need to take a look at your pilot’s license.”

She leapt and embraced him.


Some miles away, the Brainiac console began to melt into liquid metal form once again and bury itself underground. When it had completely disappeared and a few seconds had passed, there was a large explosion. When the smoke and debris cleared, a large crater remained.

Suddenly the ground in the center began to shake and moments later a powerful arm with bony structures protruding from it violently punched out of the ground.
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Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 12:41 am

Great job on Chapter 6, Josue especially describing the action. Very entertaining my friend. Smile
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PostSubject: Terrific!   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 5:41 pm

Terrific, loved it! Will we get another installment?
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PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 11:18 am

Finally I found a little time to write something to your story.
Like a wrote, I didn't forget. Very Happy

I read your story from chapter 1 till 6 in a row.
Was in the beginning a little confused, because I had forotten what happend till 9x15 ^^"
But I remembered, so it wasn't hard to understand what was going on.

Your writing style is good, I think. And I could 'see' what you wrote.(I mean, tha I could visualize it. And this is a good thing.)

And your scene, where Clark learned to fly. That was funny! Very Happy
Especially with Kara's ''Don't look down!'' and he looked down. lol

This one scene, as Clark catched Lois, I had the scene from the first Superman movie in mind. Great Very Happy

Hope, you'll post another chapter soon. Very Happy

(Sorry, if I have some grammar misstakes. ^^")
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Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6   Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6 Icon_minitime

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Smallville: Loved and Lost Chapter 6
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