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 Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod

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Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod Empty
PostSubject: Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod   Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 5:45 pm

Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod 01Zod

Name: Zod (clon)

Alias: Dru-Zod; General Dru-Zod; Dru-Zod; Lor-Zod

Affiliation: N/A

First in Smallville: (first physical appearance) S8 Doomsday (as clon Major Zod) S9 Savior

First in Comics: The Phantom Superboy!" in Adventure Comics #283 (Apr. 1961)

Picture: New Earth, Superman: The Movie, Smallville

Additional Reference: In The last Days of Krypton he appears as Dru-Zod, head of the Commission for Technology Acceptance. Also he posses as Jor-El’s friend, similar to the Smallville universe. Though this is not the first time we "see" Zod in Smallville, it is his first appearance as his "true self".
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Smallville Bad Guys from DCU - Zod
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