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 Smallville: Lazarus Reviewed

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PostSubject: Smallville: Lazarus Reviewed   Smallville: Lazarus Reviewed Icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 9:02 pm

It is rather impressive and at the same time sad, to see how a decade-long journey reaches its culmination. Smallville has been an amazing ride for me. I have cheered and I have cried, but one thing about Smallville was always true; it was a show about destination. From the beginning, it was all about an already historically know character and hero’s unknown journey. Those missing years which had never been explored, and the writers, though they had to follow some rules, had a clean canvas.

As the years went by the canvas became more and more crowded. It was even required in some instances to paint over relevant existing material. But, we were always promised it would all pay-off in the end. Sadly season 10 is the end, and the loyal fans are expecting these promises to finally be kept.

Will Smallville keep its promise to show us the man, become the Super-man? If “Lazarus” is any indication, then – yes, though it seems they will use their 22 episode sparingly. If there is something that can be said about “Lazarus” is it sets up the rest of the season with great plots.

Funny thing the title of this first episode is “Lazarus,” since in the Bible; his was a story of change. At first he was a vagrant, starving and diseased, but then all that changed; he was blessed with the greatest privilege a person could receive. But there was another Lazarus in the Bible, and his story is one of resurrection. So, which Lazarus is this episode implying?

Clark/The Blur begins his season 10 journey as with every season, very determined. He always has a purpose, and will not be veered away from it. This has been true from the get go. With season 10 he is also committed to becoming “the” superhero we all want him to be. With this goal in his sights, we can all rest assured it is only a matter of time before we can come full circle with the original reason most started watching; Clark to become Superman.


Clark had a near death experience, but Lois Lane rescues him, and he doesn’t even know about it. Perhaps she has paid him back for all those time he has rescued her. But it will be a matter of time before she is in his debt again. But this is not the most important thing, since Clark loves her and would gladly rescue her and even give his life for her. The interesting thing is that Lois now knows his secret, and it is beautiful, fun and exciting seeing how she uses this knowledge. She is having fun with it, yet she intends on being as helpful to him as possible, even if it means separation. So, our heroine decides to journey to Africa and meet up with Perry. This is just a great set-up for the final season.


Almost dying did even slow down our determined hero. Once he comes back to his senses, he immediately springs into action. Quickly he offers to join Chloe on her search for Oliver. But instead she sends him on another task, one that places him back into the in the path of Lois, Lex and Joe-El. Personally, I don’t buy the he-has-darkness-in-his-heart storyline. Yet I understand there is still 21 episodes to go and the must purify, mold Clark into the hero we know him to be. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how he will prove Jor-el wrong. This is just a great set-up for the final season. It appears to me that this may be a test from Jor-El to use Clark’s spirit of contradiction and finally take the correct path. Yes, the psychological approach. Or, maybe this voice we have been hearing for 8 years isn’t really Jor-El. But that’s an old worn out theory.


Thank god she is back! She is and has been the mystery of Smallville since her first moment in the show. I look forward to see what her ultimate fate, or purpose on Smallville will be. After waking at Cadmus Labs, she discovers what Lex was up to before his apparent demise; to clone himself. Here she meets various of the failed attempts of Lex including a young Alexander who happily tours her and answers all the question she and us may have. When she finally escapes, she takes with her young Alexander with her back to the mansion. This is just a great set-up for the final season.

Chloe and Oliver

He is being interrogated and tortured by an unknown character. At the end of last season we all really expected to begin this final season with Ollie being captured by Darkseid Furries. But, who this was I have no idea. Chloe learns were Oliver is and apparently works out a deal with his captors. But of what value is Chloe to them that they were willing to trade Oliver for her? This is just a great set-up for the final season.

Clark’s progression towards Superman was minimal in this episode though there was an instant when he was closer to flight then ever. It is important for this to be the power he develops this season, like heat-vision, X-ray and others in other seasons.

I am looking forward to reviewing every episode this season. I would like to review the episode using various categories. The most important being progression, relationship, and lessons learned. Special effect and action are in the loop as well.

Last years average ratings were 2.7 million. Happily, “Lazarus” premiere was 2.9 million (not including DVR PLUS 7)
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Smallville: Lazarus Reviewed
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