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     Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow”

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    PostSubject: Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow”   Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow” Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2011 9:21 am

    Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow” QuotingLL1-Supermanv2154-21-ToPost

    Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow” was published in March 2000 as part of the Superman Y2K series. Lois and Clark are celebrating New Year. There is mayhem and chaos in Metropolis and Mrs. and Mr. Kent go missing. Superman finds and fights an upgraded Metallo, who is helping Braniac morph Metropolis into a futuristic city capable of containing the new Brainiac 13. The Metal Men, this time without Gold, try to help Superman but the efforts are fruitless. Not giving up, Superman tries to cut the electrical connection with the machine, but it results in the most unexpected return of all: Blue Superman.

    I may not be able to bend steel in my bare hands, but I know Clark sees me as someone unique and just as special.” – Lois Lane

    This entire issue is narrated by Lois Lane. She describes how important Superman has been to Metropolis and how the City of Tomorrow has helped him to become the ultimate hero. On the other hand, she also states clearly how affianced Clark is to Smallville, his hometown. Between lines, Lois tells us a story of love and commitment beyond human capacity, one that can only be starred by the most epic couple of all times: Lois Lane and Clark Kent. From all the things Superman could desire as New Year’s resolution, his only wish was to spend more time with his wife and make their marriage better.

    For a smart gal, I sometimes miss the easy ones. As much as I am married to Superman, my heart belongs to Clark.

    As soon as I saw this quote, I thought of Smallville Season 9, Episode 8: Idol. Right after Lois’ life was saved by the Blur and she confirms (sort of) that her hero is not Clark Kent as she originally thought.

    When I heard the Blur’s voice again, something stirred inside of me. But my thoughts… they keep going back to Clark. That scared guy who stepped out on that ledge to save me.

    In Smallville, Lois realizes that no matter how daring her mystery hero appears, Clark is the one she can really relate to. However, because she does not know his secret identity yet, her heart is split in two sides of the same man. Clark has been her friend longer than anyone else, has supported her and has always saved her, even from herself.

    Erica Durance did a fantastic job with this scene. Her pain was completely tangible, every facial expression transpired the love Lois felt for Clark. Durance mastered the subtle confusion of a woman that knows exactly how much Metropolis needs its hero; even when the same man always manage to keep her save first. With every tear, Durance transmitted the joy and the burden of being in love, not knowing for sure what her feelings mean. Seeing a vulnerable Lois Lane is one of my favorite’s parts of this episode, primary because we don’t see that very often. Erica’s portrayal of that side of Lois was beyond perfect. You can see her deeply troubled and even wounded by the “truth” she just discovered.

    My translation for this scene: In this comic, Lois already knows Clark Kent is Superman, but all the same her heart remains in love with Clark. In Smallville, Lois loves Clark and she hopes he loves her too, but she knows The Blur cares for her too, so she deeply desires them to be the same person.

    Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow” QuotingLL1-Supermanv2154-19-ToPost
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    Superman #154 “Whatever Happened to the City of Tomorrow”
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