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 Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 11:40 pm

The rain poured with a hint of red, and with each droplet the world around them seemed to become more quiet and calm. He held on to the brute creature with all his gentle might and he would never let go. He knew what it felt to lose her, and he would not lose her again. The woman he loved was trapped inside the creature, lost in her mutated rage. But he knew that within him lied the cure. He felt if he embraced her hard enough, his very heart pounding with love, would communicate to his beloved trapped inside, and let her know he was there,with her. He would tell her; she is not alone and never will be again. As the rain poured with its secret antidote, it seemed to calm her ferocity as well. It appeared to wash the creature away from her, until nothing but her spotless, uncontaminated flesh was left. When she came to her senses she felt soaked yet cleansed. She was not sure where she was or how she got there, but she didn't’t feel alone. She felt someone was with her and she could feel his embracing arms around her. She need not turn to see who held her, for she recognized his heartbeat and breathe, and felt safe and warm. She felt loved; she was not going anywhere…


How can they have turned and episode about zombies into one of the most romantic moments in the history of television? Clark was up against a new challenge, one that he had never faced before. And he struggled so hard to find a solution that would save the world and save his love. I loved it! Everyone put their hearts into this episode, and it paid off!

You know what else I loved? Tess Mercer! Cassidy Freeman, you are angel! You bring so much to Smallville. You are a breath of fresh air and your mystery intrigues me so. I believe your character is the least explored on Smallville and one of the most interesting.

Yes my friend Cassidy and Erica played the ugliest beauties I have ever seen!! Seriously, it must have been hard work making them look as fierce and mutated as they did. But, where they not even more beautiful when they were returned back to normal to us?

I loved Erica Durance's performance as well, she really out-did herself fighting zombies, and acting savage and wild.
This episode is a fan favorite around twitter and my circles. And it is easy to know why!


As he was changing at super-speed from his Blur outfit back to his dress clothes, he realized he something uncommon was happening to him; the inside of his head was pulsating. Was he experiencing a headache? Was this what his mom and friends felt when they complained about the pain. Did Kryptonians get headaches he wondered? Yet in the middle of this curious thought he was distracted by a familiar scent, his favorite scent. He knew "she" was nearby. He recognized her and rushed even more to finish getting dressed. He didn't’t even finish tightening his tie when he started to open the phone booth door, but at that moment the pounding pain in his head grew more intense. He was hoping she didn't’t see him cringing in pain, and tried to appear alright. But, his facade was unnecessary, she was blind to the world around her, as she usually was when thinking about "him." How could he feel threatened by... himself? But when he looked into her eyes, he felt his minuscule jealousy melt away. Could she possibly look more beautiful? And her beauty was beyond physical appearance. He just felt he loved her assertiveness, he felt he loved her passion for what she did. He looked at her lead the way, and he gladly followed. He would follow her anywhere, and anyway he looked at it, he was under her spell. "If only she felt as enthusiastic about me as she does for "Him," he thought. He wished he had a sign, a clue. He loved the looks they gave to one another and definitely felt there was something there. But if he took a chance and faced her, would she turn him down? Was she so blown away by the benevolent "Blur" that she hadn't even noticed he was right in front of her? At that moment Lois went to climb over edge of a blocked car, when her footing failed and she began to slip. As she fell, time slowed down for Clark. He saw it happen, and he knew she would never get hurt, that he would catch her and never let any harm come to her, but would she ever know that he was her real savior? She fell into his arms, and he stopped her fall with great ease. She felt his strong arms, his height, his cologne. His arms were massive an impressive, yet she felt his grip to be tender and gentle. Rushing blood rushed throughout her body, in a combination of feeling that she had just been hiding for a long time now. If he knew how she felt about him, would he panic? Would he run away? She was afraid of the thought of losing him. Everything was so perfect the way it was... she saw him everyday, worked with him, flirted with, and touched him all the time. She loved this and could never lose it. But, since it was her secret, she would self-enjoy it to the maximum; "Well, hello-o, sailor!"


From the opening scene "Echo" starts with an apparent ongoing hostage situation. A large warehouse is under siege, the configuration is your typical hostage situation that we see in movies. Cops are surrounding it and there is much commotion, which keeps them all distracted from seeing the dark hero which we hear swoosh in. Yes, in the distance, on the building top, we see the image materialize of the hero of the people, "The Blur." The unnoticed cloaked hero superspeeds into the building after a few moments of assessing the situation. He then rescues all the hostages by swiping them from the warehouse at such a speed to not be noticed by the hostage taker. I wonder sometimes though, how he keeps them from getting whiplash when traveling at those speeds?

Once done rescuing them he uses his heat vision and burns his "House of El" symbol on the floor and then goes on to disarms the apparent culprit sitting in the front of the room wearing a mask, he slaps him across the room, causing the mask to fall off and reveal that it is only another one of the hostages. I wonder what made him conclude this was the hostage taker. Perhaps there is a deleted scene that will explain this further. The bomb that he removed from the hostage is set to explode and Clark uses his body to shield the unconscious man and direct the explosion toward what he ascertains to be the safest direction to point the explosion. The bomb explodes with an enormous blast and a great special effect. I love it when super things happen on Smallville; these scenes always go into slow motion, allowing us to enjoy it to the max.

It was a magnificent explosion, blows the warehouse door open and sends two swat guys flying. This scene alone is a sample of things to come in season 9! Impressive, perhaps the Smallville budget for special effects has not suffered after all. What a wonderful way to start the show. All this excitement and special effects was prepared for us, just to explain the way that Clark develops a new power, one that we’ve never seen him use on Smallville! What a magnificent setup.

After the blast, Clark seems startled; he shakes his head and hears many sounds at once. He seems to disregard all these sounds as his superhearing simply catching all the sounds of the commotion occurring outside. He makes his famous blur vanishing act, by superspeeding away!

Now, the following scenes are what make this episodes writer, Bryan Q. Miller the genius that he is. He sets up these next scenes so well, that unless you’ve read spoilers and already knew about it, we, the audience, will discover Clark’s new ability at the same time as Clark does. When we see Clark again he is in his work attire shirt and loosen tie, and is exiting a phone booth, and it seems he is experiencing a headache as he presses against his temple, we the viewers experience the headache with him by the visual fluctuation of the light used to demonstrate his pain. Lois enters the scene at this moment and almost hits Clark with her car. "Clark did I miss him?" she asked. "If by him, you mean me, then barely." Wow, did he just unconsciously tell her his secret! What a scene! Well, he then goes on to tell Lois that the Blur was long gone by the time he had arrived. Now, as Lois makes her way around the crime scene she suddenly falls back and into Clark’s arms as she was trying to climb over two cars. She uses his arms as support to gain her balance and we hear her say, "Well, hello-o, sailor!" The thing is, her lips never moved! We, like Clark are confused. He asks her, "What did you say?" Now her lips do move and she answers, "Nothing." She speaks again and tells him to get his hearing checked, but then we hear her voice say… "Hot stuff" yet her lips didn't move, again. Yes, he is hearing her thoughts, and Clark’s confusion shows. Theme song starts, and what a start!

We are now at the Daily Planet; Clark is riding the elevator and seems to be feeling the headache again, accompanied by fluctuations in the light that we see. He suddenly starts to hear Lois’s voice again, yet she is not in the elevator. He does have superhearing, but she wouldn’t be saying what he is hearing her say out loud. She speaks about coffee, shots and underwear. Clark expresses confusion for the third time in this episode. His confused look is interrupted when the elevator door opens and Lois is standing outside, shocked, wondering if Clark saw her picking at her panties.

They go on about the Blur not sticking around for a statement earlier, and we hear more of Lois’s thoughts complain about the last donut being taken. To which Clark steals the last one from the guy who took it and has already taken a bite out of it. Then he gives it Lois. She hesitates, but then accepts the donut and begins to eat it. Now, they get to work and discover that that factory from the beginning of the episode was a subsidiary of Queen Industries. Clark mentions that this should get Oliver’s attention, to which she replies in her thoughts, "Only if he's sober enough to give a crap."
The funny thing is he replies, "You might be right!" Yet, he wasn’t supposed to have heard what she had said. Now they are both confused.

As usual, Clark rushes to see Chloe. She asks him if he can hear what she is thinking and he doesn’t. It seems he can only hear Lois’s thoughts. Chloe suggest to him to speak to Jor-El, and at that moment we see the light fluctuation one more time, Chloe shows concern, but Clark assures her that he is fine. When she walks away, Clark has the biggest light fluctuation off all, and then the voices of people’s thoughts start feeding in from everywhere. Seems he is hearing everyone’s thought at once. And he is demonstrating how overwhelming this is as only Tom can.

We later learned the powers where really not supposed to surface at the time it did, but the huge explosion must have activated it. We also get to see how much Clark cares about Lois and how out-of-his-way he would go to please her. I love this episode.

Was I the only one that highly enjoyed all the romantic looks Lois and Clark were giving one another? Their smiles were sincere to me. Their chemistry is undeniable!

Oh, and I loved Tomb Raider Tess!

Thank you Brian Q Miller for your amazing work, you are a hero to the Smallville community!

And once again Louis went all out! His gave us a symphony of epic-ness proportions from start to finish. I truly love that man! And I truly love "Echo."
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 12:27 am

Great article. I loved how detailed you are. I feel as if I'm sitting watching the episodes all over again.
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 10:01 am

Great detailed article Josh. Your readers will never doubt your love for this show! Woo Hoo!
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 11:02 am

wow Josue! Loved the rain hug scene description!! It is like reading a fanfic, only it's not!
Plus I do agree with you that Rabid is a fantastic episode!

Then about Echo. I liked how you described the elevator scene and the donut stealing scene, as well as the Hello-Sailor scene. I love those scenes! As well as the look those two shared. I wish you could share more about the end scene where they stood in front of the DP logo (yep.. I'm greedy). It was so iconic.. but still, loved these memoirs!

Great job Josue!
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 7:58 pm

Wow Josu...!!!

What can I say...? Everytime you write an article, you get my feelings flow to the surface. You´re awesome!! Wink

I´m agree with you. The rain scene is one of the most emotional and romantic scene that I have ever seen on-screen. And no doubts, Tom & Erica have the most incredible chemistry ever.

I remember this night... When I saw it, I couldn´t stop to cry. It remembered me one of the most romantic films that I´ve seen: "The notebook".

GOD!!! Why waste the potential of Erica and Tom? They blast the screen, literally!!! *sighs*
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 12, 2010 1:55 pm

i love love love these reviews of yours. And yes i totally agree with you about Rabid amazingly enough one of the most romantic scenes in any series i've ever seen and it during a Zombie episode AWESOME!!!... Now Echo is conflicting to me i love the beginning talk about having me at hello... but then i feel it goes south when Clark has moments of real inconsistency when it comes to Lois and the "not a date, Date!" I mean what is up with that and how he reacts to Chloe calling him out on it I really dislike how vulnerable this episode makes Lois seem... And how much of a jerk i think Clark behaves as for standing her up the way he does... I also don't think the end apology was much of a sorry He made her cry!!! and that is soo not ok in my book. Granted I think the ending shot is beautiful but i found it to be a step down from the magnificence that was Rabid. & would've preferred there to be an order switch on the episodes it would've made Clark seem less wishy washy cause he's not realizes that standing her up just like that was a bad idea or that that stupid it wasn't a date comment thing just wrong and one of the few times i was happy Chloe yelled at him. So i look for to more memoirs from you... PS can't wait to hear what you have to say about Crossfire ( I for one Love that she hasn't let the date thing go!!)
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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)   Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can) Icon_minitime

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Smallville: My Season 9 Memoirs Part 2 (by @Josue_can)
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